Winter Walks

At the start of a new season, I always tell myself that the season we’re in is my favourite season. In the spring, it’s the blossom on the trees and the freshness in the air, in the summer it’s the warmth on my skin, BBQ’s, and the smell of sun tan lotion, in the autumn it’s the autumn leaves and soup-worthy vegetables, and in the winter it’s the thick jumpers and coats.

For me, there’s something wonderful about each season – although Winter soon goes to the bottom of my list when I see the first coating of snow start to appear.

I really dislike snow.

Sure, it’s fun at the start when it’s fluffy and white and you can play in it. But after years of working in it or just having to deal with other people dealing with it, the magic soon disappears. Which is why I love winter days on days like we had the other day. Sunny with a crisp air, with a slight breeze but not a cold one that’s more likely to freeze your tears.

The other weekend we had a rare free day where we didn’t have shopping or housework to do, and our calendars were free. So we took ourselves off to Seven Sisters for an afternoon walk with Oscar. Our new winter jackets from Regatta had just arrived so we decided to test them out as well as take our GoPro out – which we haven’t done since our holiday at Bluestone.

Sharon even managed to test out her new wooden sunglasses from Get Etch’d! She’s always wanted wooden sunglasses and the blue matched perfectly with the sky that day! What’s cool about these is that you can also add a personalised engraving into the arm if you wish.

It was the perfect afternoon weather-wise and the toddler was happy chasing after Oscar and other people’s dogs. We even let T do some filming (when he was clear of any puddles!).

We packed snacks along the way, and climbed hills and embankments that probably shouldn’t be climbed with knees like ours, but we did anyway and had such a wonderful time doing it. T enjoyed collecting sticks and throwing stones into the water, and we enjoyed just holding hands for the first time in a long time – until we had to stop to wait for the toddler to catch up!

Before I had T, Winter was likely to be my least favourite season. Not including the chances of snow, I hated how it dried my hands out, made us cold to the bone, and generally made everything look so barren.

But since having T, although winter still makes my hands crack and the tree’s a sorry state, I now enjoy being out and about in it as it’s like we’re given somewhere new to explore. The environment is different, not to mention the air, and we get to enjoy the aftermath of a winter walk by snuggling on the sofa with hot chocolates and a film. Don’t get me wrong, I love the summer sun (and my shorts) but I’m now in no rush for winter leave us just yet (until there’s sign of snow).

What’s your favourite season?

Get Etch’d sent us a pair of wooden sunglasses in exchange for a feature in this blog post. In addition, we received two parka jackets from Regatta in exchange for a review which feature here, however all thoughts, opinions, and images are our own.


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