The Best of Friends

It was at the age of about 7 that I got my first pet – A hamster named cherry (her eyes were red – original, I know). It was then at the age of 9 that we got a family dog. A dog named Max, and later a dog named Pog (that name, no idea). He was mine and my sister’s best friend. Our buddy. We’d go to sleep together and he’d pull my sister down hills being a Pyrenean Mountain dog. We had so much fun.

Therefore, I had no doubts about having a baby whilst already having dog. If anything, I thought T was going to be very lucky growing up with a dog, not to mention two cats!

So as soon as T focused his eyes it wasn’t long until he was very much aware of Oscar, following every movement he made and turning to look when he barked. T’s never been bothered by Oscar, even when he’s barking, or growling at his toys – I guess he would have heard him whilst in my belly, but I still imagined his movement or noises would have startled him.

If anything, it’s quite the opposite. They’ve become the best of friends.

Now, I’m not saying that I make Oscar do anything cute around T or visa versa. They both have their limitations and I’m very respectful of that. One of my biggest bug bears is when dog owners don’t understand or respect their animal, and then become surprised when their dog snaps. But, if Oscar isn’t sleeping near him or just sitting close by, he’ll run to where T is when there’s a knock at the door as apposed to running around tables, or when T starts crying. He’s 100% his guardian.

Likewise, when Oscar is playing with his toys, T stops what he’s doing and just watches in awe; often giggling like a maniac at Oscar  shaking his toys or offering his tennis ball. Even on bad teething days, T can always muster up a smile or a giggle for Oscar.

At the beginning I was worried about Oscar feeling isolated what with the arrival of T, but since watching the way they are with each other I have no doubts that T has been accepted into the “pack” and that they’ll become great chums. Oscar is already enjoying the fact that T is weaning, although I’m sure he’s looking forward more to the days of meat and cheese!



Once T is mobile I can’t wait to see how their relationship develops, although I imagine I’ll have quite the team on my hands.


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