Days Out: Underwater Superheroes at Brighton Sealife Centre (Review) [AD – Press Trip]

This week, as part of our Brighton Sealife Centre Ambassadorship, we were invited to a new event at the centre; Underwater Superheroes, which is a new interactive trail about the physical powers of five ‘SUPER’ underwater heroes, with challenges throughout the trail to become the sixth superhero!

Running until the 17th March, guests are invited to unveil their inner superhero; from testing their strength against a starfish or their speed against a shark. There’s also an exclusive activity book which reveals to all trainee heroes their very own superpower.

Find Your Super Power!

Despite it being half term, we were really lucky in that the centre wasn’t overly busy when we arrived. This meant we were given enough time to follow the trail and take part in all the activities (including the traditional stamp press book!).

Before we started, T was also given the choice to choose his hero mask. He went with a shark, but there was also a starfish, an octopus, a crab and a seahorse available.

As we followed the trail, we were introduced to a number of interesting challenges to test the abilities of all trainee heroes. These ranged from testing their sight; by trying to find the invisible camouflaged octopuses, to challenging their speed against a shark, to testing their strength by seeing how long they can ‘stick’ like a starfish.

This is probably the first time that we’ve expereinced specialist equipment installed in addition to the exhibits already at the centre. Usually, there’s something going on in specific aquariums that we have to look for – which is still really fun – but this was something really special.

Although part of the aquarium is currently under construction until Spring 2019, there’s still so much to still see and do. From talks and specialist exhibits, to other interactive pieces and walkthroughs. We’ve now been a few times since becoming ambassadors and we still enjoy ourselves each time.

We were given complimentary passes as part of our Sealife ambassadorship in exchange for an honest review of events at the centre however all thoughts, opinions, and images are our own.

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