The Baby Show – ExCel Arena, London – 2013 – Our Favourite Stalls

***If you would like to read about our visit, you can find this here***

Here are a few of our favourite stalls (out of the many!!) from The Baby Show:-

Cot to Tot – Probably one of my absolute faves from the day – these guys create really gorgeous versatile slings for babies to toddlers by simply changing the style of the sling. They had lovely designs and were really soft! You can find them here:-

Cheeky Choppers – I absolutely loved these guys. Cheeky Choppers create dribble bibs that also have a soft rubber bit at the end of the bib for when bubba is teething or simply wants a nibble. M is going through this at the moment (yes, at 3 months!!) and he has really enjoyed sucking on the rubber bit of the bib. You can find them here:-

MamaScarfLtd – This was a beautiful stall. This stall had the creators of the Breast Feeding Scarf (known as a Mamascarf), a Babies Sleeping Bag (known as a Babasac) and a Dribble Bib (known as a Snoodie). You can visit them here:-

HippyChick – This stall had a mixture of items for you and for baby. We really liked the designs. You can visit them here:-

ClippaSafe – This was one of those really useful “we-really-need-to-get-one-of-those” stalls. It had various items from the “Child on Board” signs to rubber door safes for the gaps in between the door and the frame – well worth a visit and the chaps there were really friendly. You can visit them here:-

Click Heat – As someone who suffers from back and knee pain I found this stall really good. They were selling various sized gel pouches that heat up one you “click” a small disc inside the pouch. Within seconds the gel crystalises and it heats up. Although on the pricey side, it was worth it and we got some things thrown in also. You can find out more here:-

Count the Kicks – This was a really sweet stall. These guys have created a “Count the Kicks” bracelet so you can mark on the bracelet the kicks you fell during the day. Their main objective is to make sure that everything is alright during pregnancy, but I just thought it was a nice idea. You can find them here:-

PouchiMy sister got one of these as M likes to wriggle when out of the bath. Basically, it’s a towel that you put on you first (making you look like a dinner lady) with a pouch on the front for baby. You can find out more here:-

Oyster Baby Slings – Similar to other slings, these guys had lovely (more “adult” if that makes sense) designs for slings. Plus, they’re made out of bamboo which was really interesting and not as hard as I thought it would be – in fact, quite the opposite. You can find them here:-

Bubba Bibs – These guys created really cute bibs and bandana bibs. We were lucky to get 6 for £10 so we got them to put in the loft. Likewise, my sister got a few a sadly, M, is dribbling like mad at the moment. You can find them here:-

A favourites list wouldn’t be complete without the following:-

Ergo Pouch – These guys are great. They make gorgeous sleeping bags and swaddles. You can find them here:-

The Gro Company – These guys are lovely. They have a range of products from the cute Gro-Egg to the Gro-Swaddle and Sleeping Bags. Although there are likely to alternatives on the market, these guys have such lovely designs. You can find them here:-

SnuggleBundl – If you don’t know what these are, you’ve obviously been living under a rock. These guys create wonderful blankets with handles – perfect for C-Section mothers and ones with bad backs. Simply carry them around without having to wake the up (getting out of the car for example). I highly recommend you find them here:-

Milton – I had Milton when I was a baby, so when we decided to have a child we agreed to stick to what was good for us, and this included Milton. At this stall we bought a Milton dummy sterilizer for on-the-go droppage. Simply put the dummy into the tennis ball sized unit and it cleans in a matter of minutes – really handy! You can find them here:-

Made for Mums – These guys were sooo lovely. Not really selling items so much as simply being there for advice, etc. My sister took advantage of their great deal and bought a years magazine subscription for £20 and got a FREE Tommee Tippee food processor! She was most impressed. You can find them here:-

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