Maternity Where?

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  1. I’m glad you were able to find something. If I ever manage to get knocked up, I’m totally going to troll the guys at my work and not tell them, and just wear increasingly baggy clothing until they figure it out.

    1. I wish I could have done that. Unfortunately, with my job, I have to say something for health and safety.

      1. Yeah. I work with all men, and one woman who’s never been pregnant (and is in her 50s). I’m pretty sure I can get to trimester 2 without anyone being the wiser.

        1. Ha! Ha! Yeah. I think you’ll be fine.

  2. queerconceptional says:

    It’s even worse here in New Zealand. There is one chain of maternity clothing, which is expensive and mostly casual clothing, and that’s about it. I work in a job where I need I bought some stuff from Asos online, but like you I

    1. queerconceptional says:

      Somehow managed to post before I finished :-(. Was trying to say: I needed formal office clothes and ended up going to Melbourne, Australia, to get formal clothes I could actually try on. It’s crazy that I had to leave the country to do that.

      1. Good grief! I take my hat off to you.

        It really is silly, though. I just don’t understand why shops (seemingly across the world also) don’t stock maternity wear in store?! We won’t take up that much room – honest!

  3. chickletsmums says:

    Maternity clothes are really bad! I’ve just got a pair of black maternity jeans from Mamas Papas and a couple of tops and a pair of maternity tights from Mothercare. Other than that I just wear my normal trousers and jeans with the buttons and flies undone and a maternity belt to cover it!

    1. I started doing that but then the button kept digging in. The bump band rocked but even then it looked like I just had these weird growths coming out. Lol.

      I just wish there was more variety. M&P and mothercare are great, but they can be bloody expensive or they just have one type of item. I’ve lost count of the amount of skinny jeans I’ve seen.

  4. Unfortunately, maternity clothes are astronomical in price, when you can find them. I did a lot of maternity belts, or holding my buttons together with a rubber band. I just got a size bigger in clothes, it made a great difference, in comfort and price. The tag maternity is a price spiker – much like ‘wedding’ so I steered away from the actual ‘brand’.

    1. Exactly! It’s daylight robbery.

      I have some leggings that are a size bigger but everything else that I’ve tried on thats a size bigger (especially trousers) just sag and I look like I’ve pooed myself. Lol.

      I will keep trying to wear my old jeans and use a bump band but I have a feeling they’ll be too awkward soon. 🙁

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