Celebrating with Cake - Review -

traceypeach says:

Chocolate Fudge Cake

I love a Victoria sponge filled with jam and vanilla buttercream!

Theresa parker says:

I love cheese cake! thank u for the fab blog and excellent comp

Helen says:

I’m not generally fussy when it comes with cake…other than it has to be eaten with a cup of tea! I think my favourite would have to be chocolate cake 🙂

Helen x

Amanda Richardson says:

Ginger cake is my fave

coffee cake x

Kaci Soderstrom says:

Chocolate cake, with chocolate filling and icing/frosting. ♥

Christine Caple says:

Carrot cake

Julie Gilbert says:

I love coconut and cherry cakes – with a layer of dark chocolate icing. So moist and delicious!

Rena Plumridge says:

Victoria sandwich

gemma clark says:

Carrot cake xx

Tracy Newton says:

I love chocolate fudge cake

Ruth Harwood says:

Red Velvet Cake

Kelly (@Jakeysmummy2006) says:

Carrot cake ! yum!

Nora Saab says:

carrot cake

clairew137 says:

carrot cake

claire griffiths says:

carrot cake i love it

mrsfoxfinery says:

I do love cake!!! As long as it has lots of icing on it I’m happy.
Love the fact you could get your own image printed on the cake. X

mrsfoxfinery says:

I do love cake! As long as it has icing on I’m a happy lady.

Great that you got to add your own image onto the cake. Looks so nice.

Anthea Holloway says:

Chocolate cake is my favourite.

Nat thomason says:

Carrot cake

Angela L White says:

lemon drizzle

lesbemums says:

Our first lemon drizzle! Love lemon drizzle.

trevor linvell says:

Chocolate gateaux

sheridarby says:

My grandmother’s chocolate mousse cake

Lizzy Cooper says:

Mine is carrot cake 🙂

My favorite cake is victoria sponge cake used to love my Nans 🙂

You cant beat a good old fruit cake

Michelle Norton says:

Chocolate cake yummy

K. Gray says:

Carrot cake 🙂

isis1981uk says:

My mum’s gingercake, it’s lush!

helen newton says:

Anything Chocolate is my favourite cake

Victoria Prince says:

My great grandmother’s ginger cake recipe 🙂

Natalie Crossan says:

Carrot cake

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