Toddler Kindness. #ClangersForKindness

I’m pretty proud to say that T has always been a kind person.

Since an early age he was happy to share toys with us and other children, and would often give us something without the need to have it back.

For an 18 month old, that’s not bad. Especially as we haven’t had to work hard at encouraging it. It’s just happened.

I assumed toddlerhood would be where everything he had would be his, and everything I had would be his too, and I’d be damned if I tried to take it back.

T’s kindness comes in a range of different colours and forms, and I’m lucky to have witnessed them all:-

1) Toys. Even with his favourite toy, T likes giving and seeing what you make of it. If you offer it back, he’s even pushed your hand back towards you indicating that you can keep it. He likes watching you enjoy it, he likes playing with people.

2) Sharing food. Everything and I’m mean everything is shared at mealtimes. Although he now accepts when I say “no thank you” there was a time when T would get quite upset when I wouldn’t take AND then eat something he offered.

3) Cuddles. There’s not a day that goes by where T doesn’t ask for a cuddle or kiss. Likewise, if I ask for cuddle, more often than not he’ll oblige and give me a quick squeeze.

4) Animals. I’ve said this before, but T is extremely gentle with animals. He clearly adores them. Even without telling him he always pats them gently, and when there’s a new animal in his vicinity he calmly toddles over to enquire about a stroke.

Other forms of kindness include waving to strangers, picking things up for me, helping me do housework, and generally being a sweet person.

I fully expect things to change as T gets bigger and older (although I really hope not), but considering he’s usually a bull in a china shop I’m amazed at how naturally kind T is at the same time.

***Prize Draw***

‘Kids Talking Kindness’ is a new campaign led by one of your favourite children’s TV shows ‘The Clangers’. 


Just like they do on their little blue planet, The Clangers are encouraging young people to share kindness.

To celebrate, we’re giving away a few Clangers goodies to one lucky young person (or adult wishing to enter for them!)


How to enter:

Pop over to our Facebook page and follow the guidelines (Terms and Conditions apply).

Good luck!

In the meantime, how does your little one share their kinder side?


First Birthday Giveaway (ENDED)!

In a months time T will be 1. A year old. 12 months. 365 days old. Whichever way I put it, I can’t seem to get my head around how quickly time has gone. There are so many thoughts and memories running around in my head right now that I can’t seem to concentrate on much, but that’s for another post!

For now, we have an amazing bumper giveaway to tell you about!

On 7th April (T’s birthday) one lucky winner will win the following bundle of goodies worth over £200. Goodies to suit anyone from pregnancy to toddlerhood!

1 x Baker Days Letter Box Cake.


1 X Dr. Browns Starter Kit  


1 x All-In-One Weather Protector by NSA (via Safetots)


1 x Pregnancy and Feeding Pillow by Theraline.


1 x Bottle and Teether by Comotomo

1 x Red Stars Chew Pack by Cheeky Chompers

Red Stars - Chew Pack

1 x Pair of Leggings from Blade and Rose  


1 x Warm ‘n Go and 1 x Travel Changer by Diono  

1 x Plate and Cutlery Set and Bib by BabyBjorn

1 X Turquoise teething mit by Gummee Glove!


1 x Gro Egg.


And finally… £30 to spend online at Lilly & Sid!


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T’s Bumper Birthday Giveaway!

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Stroll with Little Tikes

We’ve always been fans of the outside.

Whether it’s long walks through the woods, along the promenade, or round our local duck pond, we love being out. In addition to the outside world, we can’t wait to take T to museums.

A few months ago we went to London for the day. S had a voucher to spend so we decided to go to the London aquarium. We had lunch out, and simply became tourists for the day.

We had a great time. T really enjoyed looking at the fish – it was something completely new. The large feature tank containing the Sharks and turtles was his particular favourite as it had an array of lights and sounds. 

For the majority of the time, I wore T. It was easier when it came to using the trains and the tube, and it meant his pram didn’t get kicked in the crowds. We still had to take his pram though, as he wouldn’t have lasted all day in the wrap, which was a pain in the backside.
T’s current mode of transport is good. It’s hardy, comfy for T, and it has lots of room to put bags and shopping in, but it’s not the easiest to assemble when we need to visit the supermarket in the car, or in this case jump on a train, nor is it space saving! It usually takes up our whole boot space!

It was useful to have when we were walking around the aquarium as T was able to look around more than when he was being worn (I hadn’t quite mastered the back carry yet), but when we needed to manuever around London itself it wasn’t great.

What we could have done with was a lightweight stroller. Something to quickly assemble and lightweight to carry when on public transport. It would have also meant we could have put the collapsed stroller in the overhead rack rather than in the gangway (annoying commuters immensly!) which is where our pram had to sit for the majority of the journey. 

Thinking into the future, a stroller will also come in handy for days when it’s raining and therefore not babywearing friendly. Baby groups, library visits, and trips to nanas have a habit of being un-pram friendly. 

If you’re in the same boat as us, the lovely folk at Little Tikes are offering one lucky winner the opportunity to win a Stroll’ n Go (RRP £99.99)

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The stylish grey Stroll’ N Go features multiple recline positions as well as extendable leg rests and a fixed foot rest for maximum comfort and mini naps! The high, soft foam handles are comfortable for parents to push while the front swivel wheels allow this stroller to turn on a sixpence! Ideal for city streets, country parks or simply popping to the shops.

For a chance to win, follow the link below. Open to UK residents only. For further terms and conditions, follow the link.

Enter Competition

The Breastfeeding Chronicles: Feeding in the Winter: The Breastvest: Review

Now that the winter is well and truly here, I need to think about extra layers when it comes to feeding T out and about. Annoyingly, I can’t just take myself off to a cafe anymore for warmth as T gets easily distracted with the sounds around him.

Apart from when T was teeny, and I stayed indoors for a while, I’ve always been a one-up-one-down kinda gal when it came to feeding. I did try nursing tops, but they either didn’t suit me or they were a bit fiddly. This one-up-one-down method meant I could wear my favourite t-shirts again, didn’t flash my postpartum gut, and didn’t have to whop my boob out of my shirt.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that women clearly still breastfeed, there aren’t many options when it comes to under tops. You’re very much limited to plain vests. These vests are often a quick (and cheap) pick up from the local supermarket but they don’t always fit well and they have a habit of rising up regardless of whether you tuck it in.

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Celebrating with Cake – Review

We’ve had a lot to celebrate, recently.

We went to our first Pride as a family and T reached 4 months of age.

So what better way is there to celebrate than with cake? Like most mums on maternity leave (that’s my reasoning anyway) you spend a lot of time grabbing quick bites to eat. This is because you often have zero time to make something, and/or you need something that doesn’t require cutlery because one had already contains a boob/bottle. Cake fills these requirements (and my mouth).

So when we were offered to try some cake from the lovely guys and gals of Baker Days, we jumped at the chance! Baker Days offer a unique service in that they deliver cakes straight to your door. We were offered the ever-so-cute letterbox cake.


The cake comes in a sweet tin within a larger box that really does fit through your letter box. The box also housed a blank card and some love hearts. Looking at Baker Days’ website, you have the opportunity to personalise your own cake and have candles placed with your letter box cake box as well, which is a nice finishing touch!

After waiting eagerly for the wife to come home we cracked the box open and politely took a quarter each.

The cake itself was suprisingly tasty. I know it wouldn’t have tasted awful (it is cake after all) but I did wonder whether it would stay fresh whilst in transit without it tasting overly sweet. I didn’t expect it to be so light and fluffy, being so small and technically one half of a two tier cake. I also expected it to be quite dense or at least dry, but it was neither. The cake had a lovely buttercream within, was topped with soft icing, and then decorated with our logo which was a sweet finishing touch – it was delicious! I was most impressed that the logo came out so clear!

This would make the perfect little gift for a birthday or celebration. What I like most is that you don’t have to worry about the receipent being in when it’s delivered – who said you can’t order cake from your sofa and have it delivered the next day?



We really enjoyed the cake and want to share some cake love by offering you the chance to win one of Baker Days’ “Letter Box” cakes. Just enter via the link below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms & Conditions: Open to UK residents only. One winner will win one ‘Baker Days’ “Letter Box” cake. The cake will be sent via Baker Days direct, and not via LesBeMums. No cash alternative. Closing date: Midnight (00:00) on 16/08/2015.  Winners announced on 17/08/2015.

Good Luck!