The Breastfeeding Chronicles: Golden Boobs.

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  1. Hello there,
    My baby is a week old and we have just started on our breastfeeding journey. It is hard! I’ve loved reading your blog, thanks for sharing!

    1. Kate Everall says:

      Hey!!! Wow I can’t believe I missed this – congratulations!

      Thank you. It is SO SO hard, but totally worth it in more ways than one. I hope it goes well for you – if I can help in anyway on along the way, let me know. X

  2. Kristyn Schultz says:

    My son will be 15 months on the 9th and we are still going strong! We have the opposite problem where he LOVES the boob and will refuse solid food to get mama and then wake up all night to feed because he didn’t eat enough during the day. I try not to refuse when he asks during the day, but I will offer him food first before giving him boob. I was feeling a ton of pressure from outsiders to wean him at a year, and I almost did, but I was so depressed about it. Then we had his one year check up and his pediatrician suggested keeping him on breast milk – he had a reaction to cows milk – and I felt really guilty for almost weaning him based on what everyone else wanted. So I will go as long as he will have it! Although, if I had to set a date in my mind, I’d say I’d like him to be completely weaned by 30 months but I’d like to keep him on at least bedtime/naptime feeds until he’s 2.

    1. Kate Everall says:

      How horrible, I’m so sorry you went through that – I hate hate hate interference. What does anyone else know?! You do what’s best for you two.

      We’ve been quite lucky, to be honest. I know a lot of babies don’t take to milk straight away, or a bottle for that matter, so we’ve been lucky. Perhaps that’s what’s also changed him. The milk.

      He’s still feeding, so not completely stopped, but I’ve definitely noticed a drastic reduction in demand. I, too, won’t mind if he wishes to just stick with nap and bedtimes – which is what’s happening now.

      Thanks for sharing. X

  3. I stopped with Athena at about 15 months and the same with Troy. It was my decision both times, I decided it was going to be the last feed, it was, and they didn’t ask for it or need it so I didn’t offer it. Huge congrats on the milestone! x

    1. Kate Everall says:

      Thanks, lovely. I keep forgetting that a year is still a long time, but because I aimed for at least 15/18 months, it doesn’t feel like I’ve reached my goal yet.

      I’ll let him lead and see where we go. Who knows, he may just snack for the next few weeks and then just forget to ask! Xx

  4. Christel De Greef says:

    My baby boy is turning 1 year this month and starting nursery as I return to work. We are still breastfeeding and that was not the plan.

    My goal was to breastfeed to six months and to definitely have him exclusively on the bottle before I started work again. But it was easy to keep breastfeeding and he seems always to be so comforted by it, plus there are so many health benefits for mom and baby, I felt good continuing.

    This last month I really want to reduce and have him drink more formula but teething and a few minor illnesses meant he rather have the boob. He still wakes up at night to feed at least 2 or 3 times. I am hoping we can come to a natural stop in the coming month.

    I find comments from family quite hurtful sometimes. Friends seem to know better and even though they don’t all breastfeed or maybe just a few months, they always respect others that do. My mom on the other hand is always asking when I am planning on stopping, asking if I still have milk, etc. So yeah, it’s not easy dealing with outside opinion on this or any other matter in childraising.

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