The Vuelio Online Influencer Awards & What It Means for Bloggers Like Us.

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Kate Everall

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  1. Your award was richly deserved despite the quality of your fellow finalists. It’s deserved recognition of the quality and authenticity of your content, and the passion you put into everything you do. I know what you mean about being called out in a specific LGBT+ category – there is alwats a danger of being put in a box and becoming ‘ghetto-ised’ in your own little corner away from all the rest of the action. But I think sometimes you do need that separate recognition as a minority (but growing) category – just as the MOBOs recognise music of black origin. And I hope it’s the best of both worlds when not only did you win your category but Kelly and Zoey won in the ‘mainstream’ Best Newcomer category against diverse competition from *all* segments. Between the two of you, it underlines the growing prominence of LGBTQ+ content creators, the value of the stories you have to share and the important issues and perspectives you raise wider awareness about. Bravo!

  2. Oh so much in this blog post! Before I comment on that, congratulations on the win. It is well deserved and speaking to you on the night it was clear to me how passionate you are about blogging (not being popular on social media, a mistake many bloggers make). That award is indeed a mighty piece of perspex and if you haven’t heard the story, you probably have me to thank for that. I won a Vuelio award in 2016 and within about an hour of being handed it, I’d snapped it in two! Ever since Vuelio has handed out indestructible awards!

    Anyway….I think there is a lot to be said for having awards in different categories. it’s interesting you picked put the dad category. I have long said that until the day dad blogging is as big as mum blogging us guys need our own category or else we will simply get swallowed up by the mums which have vast audiences in comparison. The same logic applies to you as LGBT+ bloggers. If you were in a mum blogger category, would you stand a chance of winning? probably not and that would be a missed opportunity for you to get much deserved recognition for your work.

    And yes, the awards were incredibly diverse in terms of winners and finalists. I think Vuelio on this occasion set the bar for all other award organisers.

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