OCD Awareness Week: Things NOT to say to someone with OCD

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Kate Everall

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  1. I hate how this story implies there aren’t mild forms of OCD. Someone I love was diagnosed this year with complex PTSD and mild OCD. Implying that you can’t be a “a little OCD” is not only inaccurate but harmful. Saying that if your OCD isn’t severe enough to turn home to check on things then it doesn’t exist is dismissive of those with milder forms of the disorder. It is like saying to someone who only lost one arm that they aren’t a true amputee unless they lost both. It is divisive and belittling. I get what you are trying to do here and I repect it, but educate yourself before minimizing other’s experiences.

    1. Kate Everall says:

      I’m not really sure how you got that from this post, and it’s a shame that you posted anonymously (do we know each other? If so, I’d love to have a conversation).

      My post is targeting those who misuse the word ‘OCD’ and call themselves OCD when they’re just tidy. We all know who these people are and we’ve all heard the phrases I’ve mentioned in the post.

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