Things NOT to say… To a Lesbian trying for a baby.

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  1. 2aussiemammas says:

    Haha FANTASTIC post!

  2. Brilliant! Made me giggle at the same time as educate me.. Really a cup? I thought it was a turkey baster? 😉 x

    1. Thanks.

      Well… There is also a basting style implement. Lol.


  3. Oh – how about “which one of you is the real mom?” Great post – inspired to write my own list now! We haven’t told many people yet, only a handful of very close friends/family, but they are already coming out with some crazy questions!!!

    1. Ha. Yes. That one ill be saving for another edition of “Things not to say…”

      We haven’t told many people outside of family circle. Unfortunately, one nosey cow at work overheard a conversation between me and a close friend. Thankfully, it’s remained a secret but the majority of these comments were hers *sigh*.

      Thanks for the reply – good luck in your journey.


  4. Sacha Black says:

    This made me full on laugh out loud! Funniest blog I have EVER read!!! And all of them so true! I laughed because ive heard all those things and been equally frustrated!!

    1. Thanks – I enjoyed writing it.

      I’ve already got a few more “Things NOT to say…” posts lined up with things I’ve already had asked.

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