Things NOT to say... To a Lesbian trying for a baby. -

2aussiemammas says:

Haha FANTASTIC post!

Emma says:

Brilliant! Made me giggle at the same time as educate me.. Really a cup? I thought it was a turkey baster? 😉 x

lesbemums says:


Well… There is also a basting style implement. Lol.


mamadeux says:

Oh – how about “which one of you is the real mom?” Great post – inspired to write my own list now! We haven’t told many people yet, only a handful of very close friends/family, but they are already coming out with some crazy questions!!!

lesbemums says:

Ha. Yes. That one ill be saving for another edition of “Things not to say…”

We haven’t told many people outside of family circle. Unfortunately, one nosey cow at work overheard a conversation between me and a close friend. Thankfully, it’s remained a secret but the majority of these comments were hers *sigh*.

Thanks for the reply – good luck in your journey.


Sacha Black says:

This made me full on laugh out loud! Funniest blog I have EVER read!!! And all of them so true! I laughed because ive heard all those things and been equally frustrated!!

lesbemums says:

Thanks – I enjoyed writing it.

I’ve already got a few more “Things NOT to say…” posts lined up with things I’ve already had asked.

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