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  1. SwedishMama77 says:

    When we first started our TTC journey I used to monitor my temp too. I did it for 3 months but couldn’t discern any kind of pattern so I stopped monitoring and just used the ovulation sticks instead. With either method I was never aible to narrow down my ovulation more than to around 48 hrs. In the end it was a moot point as we discovered that the clinic we were going to use had an egg-sharing programme where another woman/couple would pay for my IVF treatment if I donated half my eggs to her. Prise wise it worked out cheaper than IUI so that’s what we did.
    In any case, if you think that the data would make more sense if you skipped AI this month then do it. Just bear in mind that it may be more confusing instead.
    Finally, I know this process is an emotional roller coaster but please don’t give up hope. Most of my friends who used IUI took 5-7 times to get pregnant – I’m hoping that will encourage you rather than discourage you. Keeping my fingers crossed for you both.

    (Sorry about the ramble)

  2. Hi
    Before I comment I just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog so thanks for taking the time to write it.
    My wife and I are finally pregnant (I am carrying) after a year of trying. We decided upon going to a fertility clinic in the end as we thought it would make the legal side of things easier.
    My advice would be not to worry about body temperatures. The clinic advised us just to relax and trust the OPK tests. Try to do lots of nice things together during your 2 week wait to take your mind off things. I didn’t get any pregnancy symptoms until the day I took my test do you’ll just drive yourself up the wall trying to symptom spot … I know it’s easier said than done!!
    Good luck, I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed for you both every month!

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