Kinesiology – An Introduction.

To make this post easy on the eyes, I will be splitting it into two posts. This post is about Kinesiology and the session we attended. My next post is about the results. 

“Kinesiology is the study of human and animal movement, performance, and function by applying the sciences of biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, psychology, and neuroscience.” (Wikipedia).


“Applied Kinesiology aims to restore an optimum balance between the three factors in the body; structural, chemical, and emotional. When a person experiences poor health it is due to an imbalance in one or more of these areas.
Applied Kinesiology enables a practitioner to evaluate imbalances and direct the therapy accordingly. Treatment modalities relied upon by Applied Kinesiology practitioners include joint manipulation and mobilisation, cranial and meridian therapies, clinical nutrition, and dietary counselling.” (Kathryn Hicks, Essential Health)


Following a recommendation from one of S’s friends and work colleagues, we decided to give Kinesiology a go to try to “fix” whatever issues I have in conceiving a baby since we have been trying on and off for a year now without success. At the moment, I’m not willing to wait for however many more months so that we “qualify” to visit a fertility doctor to receive treatment only to regret not trying something, anything, a lot sooner.

Before our visit, I’ll be honest, I was skeptical. Don’t get me wrong, I fully believe in alternative medicines; I believe they work and that they should be a recognized choice of healing, however when someone isn’t taking any bodily fluids or even scanning you, I can’t get my head around how something can be found and fixed. Nevertheless, I wanted to try it, especially as recommendations have expressed many success stories.

So after paying £45 for an hour session we arrived full of nerves, although this soon faded once we met Kathryn. Based to the rear of her home, which already made us feel at home, we walked into a small and beautifully decorated waiting area next to the treatment room. Whilst S was waiting patiently armed with a bag containing my stats and vitamins just incase Kathryn needed them, I was already redecorating our lounge using what was around me – I was calm. After a few moments, a chirpy little voice called us in and after some polite talk, we began. Looking around, the room was neutral but not too full if that makes sense. I saw a few gemstones here and there, a ton of books, and a large medicine cabinet that could have been taken from Sherlock Holmes’s living room – it was gorgeous (I wanted it). I guess I expected incense to be burning and some calming music to be playing, not to mention Kathryn to be looking like a voodoo doctor, but she wasn’t, she had what I can only describe as a plain white nurse’s uniform.

Kathryn asked a few expected health questions about diet, exercise, allergies, and family medical history, as well as why we were there. When I told her “fertility” it really knocked me for six for a few moments, I don’t know why, but finally discussing with a professional that we had an issue with fertility was something that we thought we wouldn’t really have to discuss seeing as there are no fertility issues in the family. I was prepared for it on skin-level, but deep down I didn’t want to accept it and just thought that the failed attempts were just missed timings.

So after the intro, I laid down on the bed and she started by explaining how my body is one giant magnet – it repels things I don’t need and it absorbs things I do. During the session, I had to move my arms and legs in different directions (not at the same time) and place my hand on different pressure points whilst she tried to do something with my leg, for example. This apparently showed her what was wrong depending on how my body moved and reacted.

Before starting with any possible chemical/inside issues, she had to start with the outside, my spine. Apparently, a lot of hormonal issues are caused from the spinal area that links with the brain. If something is “off” with my structure then this can affect any hormones. After sorting the outside bit, she could then sort out the inside bit, my hormones.

The most interesting part of this was when she explained that once placing various minerals (that were in little vials) on my navel area, and through various body movements and placements of pressure, if my body didn’t need that particular mineral; or if I was allergic, then the chemical would be like Kryptonite to Superman and I would become weak once I did a certain movement (a lot of the time I had to bend my knee and try to resist her pushing on it). If I needed the chemical, however, then I would all-of-a-sudden become strong. It sounded so simple.

We were there just over an hour and it was amazing, it really showed how our bodies really can talk to us but we don’t always listen. We must have tried over 50 different minerals, combining many to find what I was lacking. It wasn’t all negative, I was told what was good about me on the same note as being told what was wrong. Some results were shocking but some results were expected. All in all, we were really pleased; leaving the session confident and reassured that I wasn’t completely broken, especially as Kathryn was confident that I was easily ”fixable” in a reassuring, chirpy, Disney-esque-singing-to-the-birds sort of voice.

I slept really well that night, and I don’t think it was because she had pulled me around for an hour – I felt relaxed and hopeful.


Kathryn Hicks is a qualified Kinesiologist and has practised in the profession for over 15 years on top of being a qualified nurse. She has had many success stories, detailing that she has worked with and addressed a wide range of issues, including issues relating to sport, stress, fertility, pain management and mobility, and allergies. These are but a few issues Kinesiology can address.

During our session, Kathryn detailed that over 50 women have come to her with fertility issues and of that number she has fixed every single one of them.  

Based in East Sussex, you can contact Kathryn via email and telephone:-

Telephone:- 01444 400313



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