#Photo365 Photography Challenge: December in Pictures. 

December! The last month of 2016! I can’t believe where the time has gone.

Like our other favourite month, August, December is always such a colourful month, with Christmas dominating the photos. Luxury food, colourful toys and clothes, and gorgeous winter landscapes – it really is a picturesque month.

For us, December was mainly viewed from within four walls due to a rather silly injury that occurred to the only driver of the house, so we weren’t able to venture to our usual places, but nevertheless we still had a lovely time at home and enjoyed being together.
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#Photo365 Photo Challenge: July In Pictures.

July has pretty much sucked in our house, with sickness being the main theme. Although we are pretty chuffed that T took his first few independent steps this month!! 

Long gone are the days of a simple cold, we’ve now suffered with irritating coughs, conjunctivitis, chicken pox, and now hand, foot and mouth disease.

It’s been exhausting for us, so I can’t imagine what it’s been like for T; who’s also trying to combat walking at the same time! What’s worse is that we haven’t been able to really enjoy the summer weather as a lot of the virus’s have resulted in quarantine.  Thankfully, we have a nice garden, but even T is getting bored of the same paddling pool and garden picnics.

Not our most colourful month, but here’s what July looked like for us.

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