Top 5 Things to do in Liverpool


As a southerner, I don’t often travel further ‘North’ than the M25 (I’ll get a nosebleed otherwise). Last year, our holiday to the Lake District was the furthest North I’ve ever been, and you know what, it was great and opened up a new door for us when it came to holidays. The drive wasn’t that bad from the South and everything was noticeably cheaper!

After that initial nosebleed, I then took myself off to Manchester for the BlogOn conference a few weekends ago as it was only a mere 4 hours from Brighton, and as the journey to the Lakes was 6-7 hours I thought why not!? I had a fab time in the North (anyone else can’t help but say that in a ‘John Snow’ accent?) so I decided to have a look at what was nearby to make the most out of my time up there.

Looking on the map I saw that Liverpool wasn’t actually that far from me (under an hour in fact), so the morning after the conference I decided to pop along the M62 and visit Liverpool – albeit briefly. Although I didn’t get to stay there long, I did notice several hot spots that have been added to my list for when we return to The North .

Here are my Top 5 picks of fun activities in Liverpool so far…

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