The Breastfeeding Chronicles – Lana Care Breastpads – Review

My war with breastpads pretty much started a month before T was born. I leaked. A lot. So it was vital to wear something comfortable and discreet, but putting those two words together with normal, disposable breastpads didn’t compute. It really didn’t, as explained here.

So when the guys from Lana Care were offering free samples of their organic, reusable breastpads as part of national breastfeeding week I couldn’t resist. I’d been recommended to buy reusables anyway but I never knew which ones to get – or which size. Plus, I had so many donated boxes of breastpads I wanted to use them first.

A few days after chatting with Lana Care, I received my sample breastpads and sample nipple cream:


When they arrived I was immediately taken back by how soft the pads were. Made from organic wool, they don’t feel like cotton wool – they’re softer, but still quite absorbent. They feel like soft blanket wool – almost fleece-like, but not that fluffy where you would expect loose fibres.

Upon wearing them; it felt like I didn’t have a pad in! I also couldn’t hear the pad rustling, nor did it look like I had a pad in despite it’s thickness. It shaped neatly around my boob and, if anything, kept it warm – something that I imagine will deter mastitis. My nipple sat cushioned into the pad as apposed to it being crushed/bent, and the pad stayed put.

After a few feeds I saw that the pad had kept it’s shape and didn’t clump together in places like regular pads do after a few up and down motions of a bra – it felt like the pad was a part of my bra.

I haven’t had the opportunity to wash them yet but the advice is to gently wash them in lanolin soap in luke warm water and to leave to dry on a radiator. Simple.

I really like these pads and actually can’t think of a bad thing to say about them. The pads I received were the perfect size for me, but I’d probably still like to try different sizes. Lana Care provide pads that can come in six different sizes ranging from mini to large, there’s also an oval shaped one.

I’ve only used a tiny bit of the sample cream, just to see what it was like, and so far I’m impressed. It smelt nice and you don’t have to remove it before a feed.

These pads have nicely introduced me to the world of reusable ones. I was reluctant at first as I was concerned about the extra washing but these ones certainly don’t require any extra effort – it’ll be no different to me having to soak a stained vest and if anything, it’ll be a lot less painful!


These pads were offered to anyone who applied for the free sample via Facebook, and not for the purpose of this review.