Milestones: T’s First Trip on a Ferry (with Red Funnel) [AD]

Last week, during school half term, we visited the Isle of Wight. We’d never been before as a family, and didn’t know much about the area, so we thought we’d take advantage of the bargain we’d found and booked a little break.

You can read more about our holiday and what we got up to here.

What made this holiday extra special though is the fact that it would offer T his first trip on a ferry. Prior to this, his only experience was a small car ferry in the Lake District or the cargo ferry that comes in at a neighbouring town, so this was going to be a whole new experience!

After then speaking to the lovely folks at Red Funnel, and letting them know about this exciting milestone, they kindly provided us with outward and return tickets! Here’s how we, or more so T, go on:

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Our Holiday to the Isle of Wight

To celebrate T’s first term at school, we decided to book a cheap UK holiday to make sure we were able to relax after what was inevitably going to be a busy couple of weeks. With this, we decided on the Isle of Wight.

Apart from visiting back in our school days when Sharon visited with family and me visiting as part of a school trip (does anyone remember Camp Beaumont?) we’d never visited the Isle of Wight so we thought we’d take advantage of the bargain we found and pay the island a visit. It also meant that T was able to experience his first trip on a ferry!

Being October, the weather wasn’t always on our side, but we managed to grab a couple of nice days before donning our wellies, jumpers, and raincoats! Here’s what we got up to during our week:

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