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Tips To Assist With Becoming Pregnant

The desire for a child can encourage many women to make better choices. They are better informed about the food, drinks and medicines they consume, and try to exercise better. If a woman wants to improve her fertility, paying more attention to her body is a good start. But what else can women do to

Visibility: Why We Do What We Do

Yesterday, I was invited to chat to Anna Foster of BBC Radio 5 Live about sperm donors and how there is now an increase in demand for them outside of the realms of the NHS. We talked about what we went through and what *should* be common practise when deciding to do at-home artificial insemination

A Letter to Sharon and Kate 2 Years Ago

Hello Ladies, Kate here! I thought I’d write to you as a loving hand from the future. Right about now you’re feeling pretty lousy. You’ve just had your 8th BFN. You’re feeling like this whole TTC malarkey is never going to work for you. You feel like you’re never going to have your family. But

26w6d – Feeling Thankful

Every Christmas I try and think of all the things I’m thankful for, and at New Years I try and think of all the things I look forward to. They’re not something I have made myself do over the years, they’re just something I find myself thinking about or doing when S is finally home

The Week That Was Ours

I was on approximately CD27 (13DPO) when I went on holiday – I say approximately, as our app and I are in disagreements as to when I ovulated. I believe I ovulated on CD14 (06/07) due to the positive OPK’s and BBT dip, but the app believes I ovulated on CD16 (08/07). At first the


Within the TTC blogging world, I have found that there are roughly 3 “clubs”. The “Trying” club, the “Pregnant” club, and the “Mummy” club. During the TTC journey, we all belong in one of them but not all of them, sadly. Of course you can TTC AND be a mummy, I mean in a sense