The Breastfeeding Chronicles – Breast Pads

Thanks to Baby Shows and Bounty Packs, I’ve received my fair share of free nipple pads – not to mention boxes of them handed over from other mums (personally, I prefer chocolates).

The amount I’ve received has meant I haven’t had to buy any, which is a good thing as I have no idea what classes as a “good” nipple pad so I wouldn’t know where to start.

Since T arrived, I’ve tried pads from Avent, Nuk, Boots, ASDA and Lansinoh, and my conclusion is that they’re all rubbish. Not what you were expecting eh?

Sure, you get some that come with good features like a slit that can turn your pad into a cone to fit your breast perfectly, but out of all the pads I’ve tried they all have the same poor features, such as:-

– Poor adhesive. Whether it’s a long strip, or several small squares, nothing seems to keep a pad in place in your bra – and that’s without the action of unhooking your bra to feed which can often moves the pad around anyway. The amount of times I’ve put my bra back into place and accidentally stuck the sticky side to my boob because it’s folded over whilst in transit. Ouch.

– Absorbsion. I must say, apart from the Lansinoh and Nuk pads, every other pad I’ve tried has had poor absorbsion. They either don’t absorb at all meaning my boob is then soaked, or I actually go through the pad (and it’s not as if I’m leaving the pad for hours, these pads are often still dry around the edges).

– General design. They’re wrinkly and lumpy, shaped like saucers, and can be heard a mile away as they ruffle. I can’t wear certain items of clothing without seeing the obvious wrinkle of a breast pad behind my bra, so I have to sometimes layer up. They’re certainly not practical.

If I’m still breastfeeding by next month I’m going to be purchasing some alternatives to disposable breast pads such as washable/reusable breast pads or breast cups. With the washable breast pads I’ve heard they’re silkier and more comfortable – not to mention more eco friendly. With breast cups, you can apparently make the most out of the milk lost and freeze this as well, but I will have to research this.

Got any recommendations? Let us know.