New Shoes. 

It felt like only yesterday that we were buying T’s first pair of shoes. 

We went to a popular high street shoe shop and after his fitting we were told that T has wide feet and a high instep. This boy was going to cost us a fortune. 

Thankfully, we didn’t need to go back after the recommended 4-6 weeks, T remained the same size and we were able to keep these lovely pair of shoes. 

Like with any ‘first’, his first pair of shoes were special. They saw him master the technique of walking. They took him to lots of new places. Farms, The Woods, Forts, even his second Pride

For us, it was the start of his transition into toddlerhood.

T adored his shoes and often took them wherever he went, although he also enjoyed throwing them around the car and into the dog’s water bowl. 

As expected, these little pumps will stay with us for eternity – unwashed and with the remnants of his last walk on them. They even have perfect little toe indents inside. 

And so on to the next pair. Where will they take him? Nobody knows. 


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