The Bullet Journal Diaries: Upping my Bullet Journal Game

It’s been a whole year since I started my Bullet Journal and I can’t believe I didn’t start it sooner. I absolutely adore everything about my Bullet Journal – from being able to control the pages to simply using it as a way to relax and unwind. I really wish I had started it a long time ago.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been issues along the way. Some pages haven’t worked the way I hoped they would or I haven’t been able to keep up with certain pages (my weekly doodle page *sobs* for example) due to time, but that aside, it’s still been an eye opening experience and a wonderful opportunity to do something for myself. 

Next year, I feel that I now have a head start. I know what I want from my bullet journal, I know how to achieve it, and I know what works and what doesn’t! I’ve even purchased my new journal and have already set out the diary section!

Work in progress.

Journal wise, I’ve gone with Leuchtturm1917 with dotted pages as the size of the journal and the amount of pages available is perfect for what I want and gives me room for error. The style and quality also worked for me – not to mention the price.

The only thing I regret with my decision was that I didn’t start my journal collection with red so that my next one would be orange (to make a rainbow on my book shelf! Duh!) – I guess it was because I didn’t know whether Bullet Journalling would work, so if I was only going to do the one it may as well as be a good colour! Last year was Yellow. This year, I’ve gone with Green.


In addition to a new journal, I also have a few new pages planned as well as the taste for new stationery! I’m already going to keep with the traditional Berol pens for general writing within the diary and main templates, but I’m also going to venture into Calligraphy using a set by Penheaven.

I’m a little nervous about putting actual dipping ink to paper, but after a little practise I think I’m going to enjoy having some fancier text for titles and headers. What I like about this set is that it comes with 8 different nibs so I can perhaps have a different nib per month or one for a different theme, such as a nib for pages about the home and a different one for pages about the blog.

If all else fails, I can pretend I’m writing a letter to John Snow or Albus Dumbledore.

In addition to new calligraphy pens, I’m also going to explore Washi tape a bit more. I ventured slightly into the world of Washi tape last year and bought a few plain ones to start off with, and then a few patterned ones to play with when the plain ones were too boring. In the end I ended up using the plain ones to line page edges to mark out where a new month began or where more used pages were.

With the patterned ones, I used them to create borders for any tables I had made or adding a bit of depth to titles at the top of a page. Both worked really well and I found the tape to be really versatile (and easily removable!)

Stamps were also hit and miss this year – I bought quite a few sets in the hope they would work as little bullets for to-do lists, but after failing to get the right amount of ink, they ended up making a page quite messy! I’m going to give it another go next year – but I think I’ll practise on scrap paper before the final draft in my journal!


There were so many pages in my bullet journal, and that’s not even including the main diary. I had several pages for the home such as to-do lists, want lists, or design ideas. I had a handful of pages dedicated to the blog where I could manage reviews, blog post ideas, and goals. I even had several pages just for me. This ranged from various tracker pages; such as ones for TV and Film, food diaries, even meal planners. Most of the pages worked – which I’m really pleased about – as they’ve genuinely helped me declutter my head.

But on the same note, sadly, some didn’t work. This was mainly due to time – which is a bit gutting as I think they would have looked amazing by now – but then I’ve always tried to bite off more than I chew. I have so many ideas, but little time to complete it.

Time is definitely something I still need to work on (by that I mean I don’t have a lot of it and need to accept that) and make sure I be more realistic with my goals! Next year is definitely going to be a year for prioritising the ‘must do’ first and everything else can come later or when I actually need it. I may even start saying no a lot more!

A few ideas for next year include; a page to log where all our batteries are (seriously, where do they all go?), a page to monitor my meals and exercise, a page to monitor small spending, and maybe even a page to monitor chocolate intake (in the hope I reduce it!). This of course is in addition to ones I’m going to keep from this year and my main diary – but hopefully these ones will work! I’m only going to create pages as and when I need them.

Bullet Journalling really excites me and I’ve genuinely enjoyed every bit of it. The failed pages still sadden me, but then they too have been part of the experience and learning curve. Not all failed pages have been a failure, I’ve been able to find a way to change the page that then makes it work. Plus, it gives me new ideas for next time.

Do you have a bullet journal? What works for you? What pages have worked the best for you?

We were offered the wood pen, 8 nibs, and 2 ink bottle set worth £18.50 from Pen Heaven in exchange for an honest mention in this post, however as thoughts, opinions, and images are our own.

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  1. Plutonium Sox says:

    Wow, I just love that calligraphy set! I think I would enjoy bullet journalling but I can’t find the time to get started at the moment. Maybe next year.

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