The Micro Wagon by Micro Scooters [AD – Review]

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Kate Everall

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  1. This little wagon looks absolutely perfect! Micro Scooters are brilliant so I’d definitely trust the brand. We don’t have a wagon for festival (only a nana trolley for us hahaha) and I keep thinking it would be great as a makeshif bed when I want to see gigs. Only trouble is my 4 would definitely fight for it. I love how it folds and I’m impressed by the amounbt of stuff / boxes you managed to put on it. I think you’re completely justified with your comments about the handlebar (there were some steep hills at Camp Bestival!) and I’d also like to see pockets (for water bottles and programmes) somewhere in the wagon.

  2. Lyndsay Gardner says:

    Wow, thats awesome! So handy for carrying stuff. I really want one for the girls, they’d look super cute in it too! x

  3. Emma Chanagasubbay says:

    We have had a few cheaper wagons that really haven’t done the job that well, we would definitely go for his one next time.

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