The Micro Wagon by Micro Scooters [AD – Review]

Getting around a festival with small children can be quite difficult when the festival itself is quite spacious, especially if you find that you’re having to travel from one end to the other to catch a show or talk in a small amount of time. Not only that, if you’re planning on staying out past your little ones bedtime you might want to think about turning your wagon into a makeshift bed so you can still enjoy the night time activities.

With the help of some ear defenders, a cozy base, and a thick blanket, T often took himself off to “bed” and was usually out for the count by 9pm during the past few Camp Bestivals. Having a wagon takes a lot of stress out of the festival and it means their little legs can be reserved for more important things like tree climbing or dancing!

This year, we were lucky enough to be sent a wagon by Micro Scooters (you know, the guys who also do scooters!) as our wagon recently went to Wagon heaven after being given a hard time last year. We were really excited to give it a try as we cannot fault their scooters, so we were curious as to what their wagons would be like.

The Micro Wagon

The Micro Wagon is a compact, foldable wagon that can carry up to 100kg in weight. At the start and the end of the festival it carried all our belongings to and from the car, and during the festival it carried T and his buddy around in the evening. Later, we used it as a bed and then a taxi back to the tent.

Setting it up is really easy and took less that a minute. Simply unzip and remove the waterproof cover and push the centre of the wagon down until its stretched out fully. Apply the base (which is stored in the cover) and you’re ready to go! The wagon is made of canvas which makes it easy to wipe clean and the handle bar – which comes with a bracket for easy storage – can be extended to different length depending on who’s pulling!

The frame itself is very sturdy and we trusted it completely when pulling T and his friend over lumps and bumps, as well as up hills. The wheels are also solid and don’t require pumping. In comparison to our last wagon, the Micro Wagon has a lot more hinges installed, resulting in slick manoeuvrability – making sharp turns light work.

That being said, after using the Micro Wagon throughout the whole of Camp Bestival, the only criticism would be that the handlebar could probably do with changing shape. If it was rounded instead of ‘T’ shaped, heavier loads, that were still within the limit, would have been easier to manage and not as tough on our hands. Plus, pulling any load up hills would have been 100% more comfortable, and it would have given us the option for two people to pull it. It would have been lovely to perhaps see a pocket or two at the front or back (inside or out!) and I’d love to have the option to purchase a roof of some sort. But other than those minor comments, I really cannot fault the Wagon. It got us from A to B and without issues.

Value for Money

The wagon itself is under £70 on the Micro Scooter website (with free delivery with orders over £50) and I think this is incredible value for money. We must have used the wagon every day during Camp Bestival this year and will no doubt use it several times throughout the year. It was reliable and sturdy and gave the boys a well deserved break. It was comfortable but also strong enough to carry everything – from children to chairs to extra layers and food. Nothing was off limits, even our tent!

When we were weren’t using the wagon we simply folded it away – similar to the way you would a buggy – and stored it in our tent. Its compact design makes it easy to store and it doesn’t take up much room. Storing it outside of festivals is also easy thanks to it only weighing 10kg, meaning we can keep it anywhere; from the under-stair cupboard, the loft, or our car! I was so surprised how light it was.

Having a wagon is so incredibly useful. As well as festivals, we’ll be using ours for trips to the beach or the park (so we don’t have to load everything into our bags!). It’ll also come in handy for the mornings when we’re at a boot sale or if we need to walk a few bulky items to the tip.

If you’re attending any festivals this year, or need that extra help for a day at the beach, I would absolutely think about getting yourself a Micro Wagon. They’re just as reliable as their scooters and your children will love riding around in it.

We received a Micro Wagon in exchange for an honest review, however all thoughts, opinions and imagery are our own. 

3 thoughts on “The Micro Wagon by Micro Scooters [AD – Review]

  1. Mel Knibb says:

    This little wagon looks absolutely perfect! Micro Scooters are brilliant so I’d definitely trust the brand. We don’t have a wagon for festival (only a nana trolley for us hahaha) and I keep thinking it would be great as a makeshif bed when I want to see gigs. Only trouble is my 4 would definitely fight for it. I love how it folds and I’m impressed by the amounbt of stuff / boxes you managed to put on it. I think you’re completely justified with your comments about the handlebar (there were some steep hills at Camp Bestival!) and I’d also like to see pockets (for water bottles and programmes) somewhere in the wagon.

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