Bath time with Mustela (Review) [AD]

T is a complete water baby, with bath time being one of his favourite activities. As soon as you mention it’s time for a bath he stops whatever he’s doing and makes a dash for the stairs.

Because T loves being in the bath so much, every now and again we like to splash out (yeah I went there) and treat him to something special.

Mustela create natural bath and skin care products for babies and mothers-to-be. Made from 92% natural products such as avocado, Lupin, and Shea there’s a reason it smells amazing and not at all “chemically”.


As well as how it smells, I really like how gentle Mustela is, with a lot of their products working specifically for those with sensitive skin. Although we’ve never had to deal with skin problems, I’ve found that a lot of T’s bath products have made my skin quite dry after I’ve washed him – this wasn’t the case with Mustela.


Other Products 

As well as bath products, Mustela also make sun products for the sun, nappy changing, and mothers to be with their stretch mark creams.

Because of how lovely they are, these products will most definitely last a while in this house as we’ll only be bringing them out on special occasions!


We were given the pictured Mustela products for the purpose of a review, however all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

2 thoughts on “Bath time with Mustela (Review) [AD]

    • Kate Everall says:

      They’re from Sainsbury’s. There’s three to collect, a couple of quid each I think. They’re fab. React to the water.

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