Pebble Gear Children's Tablets [AD - Review]

Margaret Gallagher says:

More dory

Sukeena Hughes says:

Disney princesses , my daughter is adamant she is a princess x

Sophie oppong says:

What a great review

Lindsey Martin says:

I’d also like to see a Tangled them released. My daughter lives Tangled.

Peter Watson says:

I’m a big fan of Pinocchio.

Anthony Harrington says:

More Finding Dory would be good

Solange says:

Disney princesses, Disney villains and Disney songs.

ashleigh says:

Disney princesses!

Ren Williams says:

Anything Jungle Book for my kid!

Ritchie Dee says:


Ren says:

More jungle book!

Mary Heald says:

Maybe Moana would be good.

S Edwards says:

Disney villains and Disney songs

Angela b says:

finding nemo

J Matcham says:

tinkerbell mine love that and Finding Dory maybe


Like beauty and the Beast theme

Anthony Bond says:


renae says:

I would love a spotty 101 dalmations – that would be fab

Eileen Hindley says:

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs 🙂

michelle o'neill says:

Timone and Pumba

Laura Milton says:

Little mermaid would be amazing to see!

Lauradoesdisney_x says:

Great review, it sounds like it would be fab for my little girl. I’d love to see a Tangled theme!

Sarah says:

Definitely beauty and the beast, or Moana would be great!

Katie b says:

Jungle book and aristocats themes would be perfect for us!

khan says:

Finding Dory would be amazing

Vivien Baird says:

Finding nemo

Alex Lewin says:

Question: can you watch films too or is it just games and just Disney books? With some other tablets you can download streaming services but I suspect that is not the case with this one? Thanks.

Ellie Spider says:

Jungle book / Lion King to learn about different animals would be great, Wall-E and Wreck it Ralph for some STEM activities 😀

Monsters Inc would make for a great idea

Lisa Wilkinson says:

I’d love to see Monsters Inc.

Abby says:

Ohh I would love to see Finding Nemo, Up, Wall-e, Monsters Ic, and the Jungle book 😀

alanawalker1515 says:

Would love to see a Little Mermaid one, or Sleeping Beauty 🙂

adeinne Tonner says:

I have to say the lion king or snow white and the seven dwarfs

emma walters says:

moana would be a big hit with my daughter

Naomi Smith says:

Mickey and Minnie mouse

Poppy says:

I would love the black couldren, princess eilonwy is the best 😀

i think The Little Mermaid theme would be great

Katie says:

Beauty and the Beast, or Frozen

ChelseaMamma says:

Anything toy story for my kids!!

Iain Maciver says:


amy simpson says:


Catherine S says:

Finding Nemo would be fantastic

Kristyn Harris says:

I love Moana so would love to see this theme!

Annabel Greaves says:

I would love to see a Disney princess theme

Sandra Jo Siddall says:

Frozen and Toy Story!

Priscilla Stubbs says:

The Lion King is a particular family favourite, so many wonderful characters

Priscilla Stubbs says:

The Lion King is a family favourite so many great characters

Priscilla Stubbs says:

Lion king is a family favourite

Sarah Dunne says:

I’d love to see either Brave or Snow White!

Waterworth Fiona says:

snow white and seven dwarfs

A.E. ADKINS says:

Would love some Pooh (& Eeyore, Tigger etc)

Lisa Rickard says:

Lion king

Becky Yeomans says:


isis1981uk says:

Moana is our favourite!

Ruth Harwood says:

Monsters Inc is one of our faves, it would make a great addition xx

Christine Taylor says:

more for boys like Marvel and Superheroes x

Kate Everall says:

Marvel is for everyone, not just boys.

leanne weir says:


Karen Barrett says:

Disney Princesses

Jane Berrow says:

Snow White would be lovely

Michele says:

Looks like a child safe option for online use!

nayed says:

Masha and the Bear

Karen Usher says:

Moana! Great for both boys and girls (and adults!!)

Any of the disney princess ones will be loved at ours

Moana would be lovely, Its our favourite!

Tammy Tudor says:

The little mermaid!

Charlotte isobelle says:

Marvel would be great!

angela Treadway says:

iron man would be a hit in our house! x

Dave C says:

Wall-E. Has relevant themes today and love that movie.

rebecca sharp says:

Daughter is a big Moana fan so that would be great!

Sally Collingwood says:

The Lion King is fabulous!

Angelique G says:

Brave would begreat!!

Sandy Ralph says:

oh i would say Toy Story or Frozen

Lyndsey says:

101 Dalmatians would be lovely. Maybe disney songs, villains, animals etc.

Helen Arlow says:

Winnie the Pooh <3

Margaret Clarkson says:

The Aristocats

David McCallum says:

has to be Beauty and the Best

Lorna Ledger says:

Monster Inc, I love that series! thanks for the chance

Gemma Hendry says:

The lion king

justine meyer says:

Prince and Princesses

Stephanie Catherine Smith Keill says:

Toy story.

mummycomper says:

Lion King

justjules33 says:

Little mermaid

Karen Hall says:

Monsters Inc

susan smith says:

Little Mermaid

Charlotte Carter-Dunn says:

Monsters Inc would be amazing!

Marc H says:

The Black Cauldron!

piperanddaisy says:

I’d like to see links relating to some of the Disney programmes aimed at older children. For example some of the programmes available on disney plus channel,

claire says:

disney villains!!

Carrie-Anne Brown says:

I would love to see the old robin hood

Tony Martin says:


jodie w says:

Monsters Inc would be a hit in our house

Jodie Green says:

My children love all disney, 101 Dalmations is one of their absolute faves so i’ll go with that one 🙂

Ellen Stafford says:

Beauty and the Beast

fionajk42 says:

My granddaughter would love a Moana theme.

Kerstin B says:

Moana, Frozen and Tangled

Courtney Kemal says:

Defiantly Moana! My 3 year old would love this tablet. Followed both accounts on Instagram and Twitter
Fantastic prize please count me in.. I’d be chuffed if I was chosen to be your winner! Thanks for the chance…Fingers crossed tightly!
Good luck everyone

Courtney Kemal says:

Moana defiantly

Fiona Aitken says:

Toy story is an AMAZING theme, my daughter would be BUZZING…… ooh a disney princess theme would look good

Claire Cook says:

Moana would be great for my independent daughter! Great review and some good app suggestions too.

Emma England says:

My son loves both toy story and frozen so the first 2 themes seem great. Finding Nemo, monsters inc and big hero 6 would be popular in our house!

Becca M says:

Seems like a really safe tablet and I love the Disney content! A Wall-E version would be really cute.

Great Review, ladies. T looks like he’s loving it! Xx

Ps. Talulah said, Moana and Coco!

Stephanie crampton says:

Disney Cars would be cool but Toy Story is a big winner here!

Amy says:

Great Review. Seems very good for the children with learning difficulties that I work with.

donna jones says:

little mermaid

Patricia Barrett says:

Beauty & The Beast

sheridarby says:

We adore Dumbo

Amanda Botterill says:

My foster son would love this, his favourite film is Moana

Helen says:

Something for slightly older children would be amazing – my eldest and her friends love Descendants!

paul jackson says:


Lorna Lyons says:

A cars theme would be amazing

greig23 says:

Moana, Frozen and Tangled

Catherine Gregory says:

My son says Monsters Inc or Cars

Gill Mitchell says:

I’d love to see a Beauty and The Beast theme.

Adrian Bold says:

Monsters Inc or Jungle Book

Susan B says:

Although the Little Mermaid is lovely, I like the older Disney characters in films such as Peter Pan and The Jungle Book.

Mel Pennie says:

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs would be great!

Frozen would be nice

Victoria Prince says:

I’d like to see 101 Dalmatians – that would be lots of fun, the tablet could be spotty!

LouiseM says:

Herbie (I know its an old one but my 7 year old adores the old films)

Rachel B says:

Beauty and the Beast

Claire Devereaux says:

The little mermaid – my daughter loves it and she was my other half’s first crush

E. Guerreiro says:

My niece would definitely love a Lion King one. She adores that film.

Krystal says:

Toy story

claire woods says:

The Lion King

Geri Gregg says:

Definitely Dumbo, one of my favourites

Sandra Fortune says:

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Pauline Burroughs says:

I think Jungle Book would be amazing

Jeanette Leighton says:

Moana I love the characters would be fantastic especially the music

Phil B says:

We live in Scotland so a Brave theme would go down very well with my daughter 🙂

lorraine says:

The Lion King would be great

Leanne Bell says:

My girls love Moana & any of the Disney Princesses.

Jodi Hill says:

Moana! My daughter loves and breathes her, we have to watch the movie at least once a day

sarah morris says:

The film up

Jo U says:


Darren Bourne says:

I’d like to see more of the live action adaption movies like they have done with Jungle Book. I think Little Red Riding Hood would be a good ‘scary’ one to remake.

Oh definitely Brave or The Lion King. We love both here!

Sue Carter says:

Lion King would be amazing

cathryn1 says:

Disney princesses

Rebecca roberts says:

Elsa from frozen

Disney Villains like Ursula and Captain Hook.

Tracy B says:

I’d like to see Jungle Book or The Lion King

Stef Acaster says:

The Lion King

saraha48 says:

Beauty and the beast and Lion king would be lovely

Sian Buckingham says:

Moana and Monsters Inc!

naomi williams says:

Frozen would be great

Tee Simpson says:

Moana or The lion king

Tracey Hallmark says:

Disney Princesses

fiona d says:

The older films like Snow White & Bambi would be lovely

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