What T Wore: Our Addiction to Lilly and Sid

Hello, we’re LesBeMums and we’re Lilly and Sid addicts. Our addiction started before T was even born. We were shopping in Lewes one day and found an independent kids clothing store. They had lots of beautiful items but one range stuck out from the rest – Lilly and Sid.    Their beautiful colours, soft fabrics, and unique designs really shone through. We were in love. Over many months we found ourselves buying sleep suits, hats, tops, trousers, you name it. Everything was stunning.    For us, it’s their designs that really stand out from the rest. You won’t see cutesy but instead modern and funky. On top of this, Lilly and Sid are reasonably priced in comparison to other independent clothing brands (and even some chain brands!) which made any online sales dangerous territory for our wallets. Last year, we were lucky enough to be sent a lovely gift from Lilly and Sid – A blanket and a box of socks. We haven’t had the heart to crack open the socks yet as it’s too pretty, but the blanket came in handy very early once T arrived. The spots and stripes on the blanket worked well for his early eyesight so we often place the blanket over the top of his play mat. When not on his play mat it works as a lovely light blanket for us when we’re cuddling. On top of the beautiful clothes, the customer service is exemplary and we often find ourselves chatting away on Twitter. They often seek the advice of their customers when creating new designs and regularly keep customers updated. The guys at Lilly and Sid are genuinely lovely people, and clearly enjoy what they do. You can see it in the quality of the clothes. 


We WEREN’T given these items for the purpose of this review. They were a gift. We have written this review because we genuinely love Lilly and Sid and want to spread the message. 

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