Capturing the Night Sky with Greater Skies (Review) [AD]

We’re a family that very much liked to capture certain memories – it’s the reason we started this blog! Over the years we’ve saved several pieces of ‘art’ T has brought home from nursery and created a scrapbook, we’ve made a note of certain things he’s done, and I’ve lost count of the amount of photos and videos we have saved. Time goes by so fast that it’s important to us to save those memories.

When you become a parent, it’s therefore incredibly easy to collect novelty gifts and trinkets to document these occasions and beyond. From personalised toys to prints of their feet – there are so many ways you can capture this special moment, and we’re no different when it comes to saving a few of them.

Greater Skies

Greater Skies is a company that create prints of the night sky based on a special date, time, and place. From birthdays to an anniversary to the birth of your child, Greater Skies can capture the sky on these very moments and create a beautiful interior piece.

Choosing Your Design

When you start the process you have a choice of an instant download or printed map. On this occasion we went with the printed map option. You then have a choice of selecting various layouts from either the ‘Classic’ version, the ‘Night Sky’ option, or ‘Bouquet’. There’s even a ‘Kids’ Sky which has beautiful artwork surrounding the night sky. We went with the ‘Night Sky’ option as we preferred the full colour as opposed to the white frame that you have in the ‘Classic’ version. You’re then given the choice of several colours. These will be the colour of your night sky (and the whole print if you’ve chosen ‘Night Sky’).


After choosing your design, you then travel through the instructions on how to personalise your map further. This is where you pick the location of your night sky, the date, time, and then the title. You also have the option to add a personalised message if you want as well as select whether you want constellations and star names added. In addition, you also have the choice to have the print framed, which is something we went with as we didn’t want the hassle of having to find someone to frame it once it was delivered.

The ordering process is incredibly easy, which is reassuring when it comes to creating something as unique as this – you really don’t want to get it wrong! After we completed our order, everything is then reviewed incase there are any mistakes such as extra characters or spelling mistakes.

The Result

Delivery was incredibly quick – literally a few days – and the parcel arrived in decent packaging consisting of a suitably labelled box and then bubble wrapped to an inch of it’s life. The frame itself was sturdy – although for some reason I thought the frame might be wooden, it’s actually metal – and has plastic sheeting instead of glass to create a cleaner finish (I removed this for the purpose of photos).

Along with the print came a digital copy, which means we can print further copies if we want to or add it as a background on our computer.

I’m actually really impressed with the whole service and the print itself. It’s incredibly crisp and the quality is very good for the price. It’s so rare to be able to capture something like this that it makes it such a special keepsake or gift for someone.

What date would you capture in the night sky?

We were sent a print from Greater Skies in exchange for an honest review, however all thoughts, opinions, and imagery are our own.

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