Decorating T’s Bedroom with Kids Prints (Review) [AD]

Living in rented accommodation means we’re limited in choice when it comes to decoration. Sure, we can add fabrics and nice frames to make our home more ‘us’ but, for me, I like defining each room with it’s own colour or character. In my imaginary home I have a chalk board painted chimney breast in the kitchen and our office it clean white everywhere with wooden floorboards. Every room is different and has its own character.

Thankfully, our home isn’t garish – far from it – it’s cream and magnolia everywhere, even the carpets. Over time we’ve added red curtains in the lounge and a lot of rainbow in the form of bunting and toys in T’s bedroom, but behind all that is still the same old bland cream. So when we were invited to test out some new vinyl stickers by Kids Prints for T’s bedroom we were keen to give them a go in a way to spruce up his room for Spring – it hadn’t changed since he was born after all.

Kids prints

Kids Prints create movable and removable wall stickers. Designed using good quality, re-stick vinyl, the soft but durable stickers stick well to most walls without peeling but come off instantly (even after some time on the wall) without taking half the wall with it.

The idea behind the stickers followed on from the problem parents faced with children changing their tastes regularly. No sooner have you decorated your child’s bedroom with their favourite character they’re into something else 6 months later.


For T’s room we went with the train track seeing as T is a HUGE train spotter fanatic. We liked the idea of creating a scene around his wall as apposed to just the one image. We also liked the idea of changing it around every few months where the houses change location or the track changes shape.

The installation was a little fiddly at first as we found some of the pieces of track, although nicely cut up into segments so you can definitely choose how the scenery plays out as advertised, didn’t always meet exactly with the piece we wanted(unfortunately the way in which the print came delivered wouldn’t have fit on the wall we chose so we had no choice but to break the pieces up to create our own scene); so at times we had to find a piece that matched better than the others. It was only a slight snag, and to be honest if you’re not as meticulous as Sharon is when it comes to these things you probably wouldn’t notice (or care).

Once we got on track (I’m so sorry) we were able to find a scene that suited this particular wall. We decided to wrap the track around the corner of his wall.

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The Range

Kids Prints offer a wide range of stickers, from Educational stickers such as building blocks to a solar system (want!!), Scenes such as a racing track to a village, to Animals. My particular favourite (apart from T’s train track) is their chalkboard range.

Their designs range from cute and cartoon-like, to modern and abstract. Their stickers don’t look like stickers due to the vinyl material that’s used, and the colour is bold and vibrant – making it look like the image has been drawn on the wall! I also like how you can wipe them clean for when sticky fingers like to smudge hidden stash of weetabix onto the sticker!

After an hour or so of working, we were really pleased with the finished article – although T was rather confused as to why the train couldn’t move along the track. So far we haven’t had any bobbling or peeling, and the colour hasn’t faded despite the fact that T’s bedroom is an absolute sun and heat trap. I’d definitely give Kids Prints a go – especially if you can’t decorate your room easily or your little ones like change!

Every morning T now wakes up with a ‘choo choo!’, which is so much better than his previous wake up call of something similar but beginning with ‘P’.


Family Fever

We were given the Red Train set in exchange for a review, however all thoughts and opinions are our own.

7 thoughts on “Decorating T’s Bedroom with Kids Prints (Review) [AD]

  1. Sian says:

    They look great – charming prints and love that they aren’t too hard to put up! I think this sort of thing is great for young kids whether renting or not as they change their mind on what they are into so much! #TriedTested

  2. Colette says:

    Wall stickers are a great way of brightening a space without to much fuss aren’t they!
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  3. Kate Fever says:

    I absolutely love the train track sticker! It’s great that they weren’t too tricky to put up too, as I always worry about that with stickers. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  4. Kate Evans says:

    Hello Kate, I love to stick kids prints at home. It also motivates my baby and feels happy-especially we can decorate your room easily or your little ones like change. This is a very great idea for linking. Thanks for sharing such an interesting blog.

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