Caketoppers Cupcake Delivery: Review & Giveaway

Tracy Nixon says:

My girls both think we should have a photo of our dog on the cupcakes! I agree!

Margaret gallagher says:

I’d love our local football schools team logo
Would be a fab surprise

Solange says:

I would a photo of my kids.

Rebecca Lis says:

i would have a family holiday photo

Harline parkin says:

My lovely dog paddy

Hannah Scudder says:

A nice photo of my son

aj says:

our rugby team are doing really well this season and odds are high that we will win a cup if we do that would be an amazing picture to have on the cupcakes.

Laura Pritchard says:

My department logo at work – would be nice to share them with my team!

Sheena Batey says:

Library staff rock.

Lauren Charlotte says:

I think a photo of our cat would look pretty cute on these cakes!

Amy Bee says:

A family photo

jo liddement says:

I would have a photo of my husband to celebrate his 50th birthday this August

Kim Neville says:

A photo of my kids as they would love seeing their faces

Kim M says:

I’d love a photo of a butterfly

Tracy Gladman says:

I would have pictures of myself and my husband for our anniversary

Ruth Harwood says:

A picture of our two cats x

Helen says:

My daughter and I probably 🙂

Fiona Rennie says:

I would have a photo of my son printed on them, I think he would love to see himself on some cupcakes

Christina Palmer says:

A family photo would be great

Maria Blythin says:

some family pictures x

Louise King says:

They look super yummy

claire griffiths says:

i would have a family photo on them

Ema J Lowe says:

I would have a photo of my 3 children put on them

Jessica Ann says:

What a great giveaway! The cakes look great and the toppers look amazing! x

Sheri Darby says:

A photo of our beautiful tabby cat

Victoria Prince says:

I’d put a photo of my dogs on mine 🙂

Jen s morgan says:

Would have a family photo put on x

Christine Caple says:

A photo of my granddaughter

Anthea Holloway says:

I would have a photo of my granddog!

Jenna B says:

We’ve just celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary so I’d surprise him with wedding themed cakes 🙂

ashleigh allan says:

One of my kids

Samantha R says:

I’d have some of my wedding photos

Sadiyya Maryam says:

Photo of my daughter with her best friend smiling at her recent school sports day, their smiles in this particular picture is so amazing!

rebecca smith says:

i would have a photo of my son Harry

Michelle Wild says:

My cat she awfully beautiful.

Dawn Samples says:

Photos of my children would be lovely x

Gemma Cook says:

Photos of my family.

Natalie Crossan says:

One of my daughter 😀 She’d love that

Tee Simpson says:

I would have a picture of my kids

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