Buggy Safety (Whatever the Weather). 

It’s not often T goes out in his buggy now that he’s toddling, however when we do, I worry about buggy safety and whether he’s safe.

When he was first born, I had this thought that I’ll be walking downhill and the buggy will slip out of my grip. Extreme, I know. Other worries included getting caught in the sun, wind, or simply losing stuff.

To combat my worries, the folk over at Babybundl sent me a few bits to help make our journeys safer.

Snoozeshade (RRP £19.99)

The Snoozeshade is a high quality UV Sun protector for buggies and prams, and fits most travel systems due to the elasticated fitting.

I was sent the first edition that boasts a zip at the front so you can check on your baby whilst they sleep or relax. New editions now come with a window at the top so you can check whilst you walk.

What I like about the Snoozeshade is that there aren’t any fiddly buttons or ties. Poppers are what connect the snooze shade to the buggy, making it fit easily to all types of buggies. It’s also easily removable because of this.

Teddy Tug (RRP £4.99)

T has recently started enjoying taking a toy or two out with him, and as a result things get lost. Although the majority of the time they’re a harder toy like a train or “phone”, I’ve often taken a soft toy out for comfort.

Our new friend ‘Patch’ is joining T at bedtime tonight. #SafeDreams

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Soft toys, however, love puddles and getting lost and often don’t fit the changing bag either, so the Teddy Tug is a useful tool to prevent all these from happening.

Made of a soft neoprene, the velcro end strap safely around soft toys big or small, meaning toys never leave your baby’s side.

Buggy Tug (RRP £3.99)

And finally… my biggest fear. The buggy rolling away like something out of Hook.

The Buggy Tug helps with this, and is a simple design similar to the Teddy Tug. Simply feed one end of the strap to the buggy and place your wrist though the other end. It fits most handlebars (and wrists!).

So there are my top tools to assist in buggy safety. What are your tips?


The above items were sent to us to review from BabyBundle, however all thoughts and opinions are our own.

3 thoughts on “Buggy Safety (Whatever the Weather). 

  1. Farmerswifeandmummy says:

    Oh they are all fab ideas but the teddy tug is amazing. I’d even tie it around my older daughter’s wrist as the amount of times Minnie Mouse has fallen into disgusting puddles on the farm is too many to count 🙂 I’m. Not sure she will take another wash. I love items which make your life easier

    • Kate Everall says:

      Thank you. That’s a brilliant idea re the teddy tug! I could use this on my nephew!

  2. Plutonium Sox says:

    Oh I totally understand your fears. I couldn’t cope with buggies, too much that could go wrong. I only used one once or twice for my eldest and it went in the shed after that. My youngest has never even sat in one.

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