Are You Paying For Familial Subscriptions You Don’t Use?

Most of us know by now that businesses all around the world are starting to opt for the ‘subscription business model’ for use of their services. This has been a longstanding form of fee application for many worthwhile services, so when presented with this, most of us don’t bat an eyelid. However, it can be that over time, especially with a large and mature family, these seem to occur and build on top of one another, leaving us with many subscriptions we don’t actually use.

It can seem innocent enough at first, but just think about it. Perhaps five subscriptions you aren’t using could equal up to and over £80 a month, and that’s a conservative estimate. All families can make use of careful budgeting in order for a better reallocation of their financial resources, and so this can often be the best place to start.

So let us consider what might be the most regular subscriptions you use, and how you might find out which ones you have:

Ask Your Children What They Have

It can sometimes be that your card information is still associated with the accounts of your teenagers. For example, your son might still be charging you for an Xbox Live Gold subscription despite rarely playing video games anymore. It might be that your daughter uses Spotify using your card due to a half-remembered permission you gave her some time ago. Simply asking them to review their accounts and offer you the information can be important. If you see that you have a charge you do not recognize on your account, ask them if they know what that could be. This way you may be able to cancel the unnecessary considerations.

Only Pay For What You Use

If you find that Netflix has enough content that you always have a show to watch and something new to absorb, why bother paying on the nose for three other online digital services? Of course, some bundles such as Amazon Prime Video might be worthwhile to keep, but aside from that, consider just how much time you can place in these investments, and if they’re remaining useful. For example, you might have ten books on your e-reader that you have yet to absorb, so why pay for the premium pass giving you access to many other digital titles? This way you can curate your content a little more, and stick with the thing you use most.

Set Up Simpler Solutions

Instead of paying a secondary cable subscription on top of your video streaming plans, why not just find out how to set up Chromecast for Mac, or run a Plex server for the films you already own? With a small investment in a household server or learning little computer tricks like this, you might find that the package you were paying for was unneeded all along.

With these tips, we hope you can save a great deal of money regarding your online subscriptions.

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