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  1. Laura @ Life with Baby Kicks says:

    Ooh interesting I have a similar post in draft fron a slightly different angle 🙂

    My baby is definitely a “bad” baby he eats a lot and doesn’t sleep much.

    Thanks for linking to #effitfriday

    1. Thanks. I love reading different viewpoints – so would love to read yours.
      Thanks for creating #effitfriday – it makes me feel less guilty about having a rant! Lol.

  2. mamavsteacher says:

    Completely agree! Although by all those who use the term, I do seem to have a “good” baby! I think he’s great either way, because he’s perfect!

    1. My thoughts exactly!

  3. g2the4thpower says:

    Lol I got the same question from my childless male coworker all the time about my toddler. He seemed to think when she had a rough night or a bad mood or a tantrum, that this defined her.

    1. *shakes head*. No idea. It defined her in a way that she is becoming her own little person… Which is GOOD! X

      1. g2the4thpower says:


  4. I always hated that question, too. And it honestly never stops. I get asked if Evelyn is a “good toddler” all the time. I always say “Yep, she’s awesome just the way she is!” and leave it at that. It’s weird for people to ask that of babies & children. No one ever asks “So, are you a good adult?”

    1. Precisely!!! It’s like we’re constantly judging or testing them. Poor things. Why can’t they just be left alone to be themselves without being slotted into a category?!

  5. When people ask that question, I usually just respond with something about the baby’s personality, because I figure that’s what they’re really asking about. Some babies are more easy going and some are more intense, but they’re all good babies! 🙂 I never understood the “terrible twos” thing either, because in my experience, toddlers are awesome. So eager, loving, and unselfconscious – if only we could all be more like that!

  6. sarahofhearts says:

    What a strange question! I had no idea that was what was in store for us as new parents. I like your answer – refutes the question without sounding at all rude.

    1. That’s what I was hoping. I don’t really know what to say sometimes. Like you said, it is an odd question – one of many I imagine!

  7. AndiePants says:

    I hate this question – so dumb. I also think this is almost always code for ‘is your baby sleeping through the night?’ I always want to say, “No. And I’m glad for it! He needs to eat at night.’ We do have an ‘easy/good’ baby – not a big cryer/fusser, but I want people to love him and consider him ‘good’ no matter his temperment. ALL babies are good babies!!

    1. I think you’re right! If that is the case, then what does matter if they’re not sleeping? Babies don’t do that, not often anyway.

      We also have a very content little baby who sleeps from 8pm to 4am, feeds, and then sleeps until 7am, but how long it will last, I don’t know but I don’t care! Babies will do what they want – we just have to follow their lead.

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