A Step in the Right Direction.

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  1. Plutonium Sox says:

    Ooh interesting! I have to admit it’s not something I’ve ever thought about but I agree, it seems like a great step forward. And now that you’ve mentioned it, there really are no gay characters in children’s television are there? Hopefully they’ll put that right soon.

  2. Sarah Rooftops says:

    So glad you wrote this! The only this-is-not-a-big-deal gay characters I can think of are Captain Holt in Brooklyn 99 and Charlie in Supernatural but I think comedy shows and anything aimed at the alternative crowd will always lead the way (not that two shows is exactly a stampede); it’s mainstream drama which plays things depressingly safe.

    I can’t talk about LGBT issues with any authority but I know how concerned I am about how girls and women are portrayed in the media; our kids pick up even the subtlest messages and make their own assumptions about what’s “normal” and what’s not. If they’re not seeing incidentally gay characters on TV or in their books, it stands to reason they’re going to think of gay people as unusual and that doesn’t seem like the message we should be giving them.

    1. Kate Everall says:

      My thoughts exactly. I know as parents we’ll still have a lot of input – its up to us to quash any thoughts of gay characters being “unusual” – but it won’t help if it’s not backed up in the media! Only time will tell I guess.

  3. I think its important to represent all people in every right

  4. Same Sex and LGBTQ UK Parent Blogs | Tots 100 says:

    […] LesBeMums are two mums who met in 2006 and civil partnered in 2012. The blog, mostly written by Kate, shares lifestyle, travel  and reviews, along with issues around same-sex parenting.  Kate has blogged about everything from trying to conceive to breastfeeding and weaning.  As part of a same-sex parent family, Kate has also written several posts about LGBT culture and issues. […]

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