After School Playtime with IKEA [AD]

I can’t believe it’s been almost two weeks since T started school. I also can’t believe how many school runs we’ve already done – my calves are going to be solid by the end of term! 

Although he’s a confident little nugget, I thought that naturally he’d be shy and anxious, however he’s actually taken to the routine and the new surroundings like a duck to water. I know it’s still early days, but so far he’s really enjoying it and often looks forward to school every day – although I still haven’t got a clue what he get’s up to! 

With this in mind, we always try and make sure that after school – to compliment his busy day of learning – we have something ready at home for him to wind down with. Something that’s not going to charge him up or make him think too much.

This is where IKEA – once again – comes into play. Literally. 

DUKTIG Play Kitchen

The DUKTIG Play Kitchen has been in our lives (and our lounge) ever since T fell in love with it during one of our many visits to our local showroom. He was just turning three. After we watched him carefully chop and cook whatever he was making there was no way we weren’t going to keep that fire burning. So, it found it’s way into our car and it’s been with us ever since. A day doesn’t go by where T hasn’t made us a cup of tea or something some sort of sweet treat from his oven. Some days, we even spin it around and turn it into a cafe! 

The IKEA Kitchen lets little chefs cook, bake and then wash up, and boasts the following features: 

– Light up hob with two different brightness settings (batteries sold separately).
– Detachable sink for easy cleaning.
– Interchangeable leg heights.

It also features two “ovens” / cupboards (for T this changes daily), a microwave, and two cubby shelves for storing accessories. There’s also ample room on top and underneath (once the legs are set to their highest).


Before T set eyes on the kitchen, and before he was even born, we’ve always known about the DUKTIG Play Kitchen. Whenever we visited IKEA there were always children playing with it in showrooms and there’s generally one in every school or nursery, and one of the reasons is because of the amount of accessories that can be added to the kitchen. Thanks to the realistic and like-for-like design, children are invited to mimic whoever is cooking that evening.

As two mums raising son we also think it’s incredibly important to teach him that the kitchen is for everyone! 

When we first purchased the kitchen, we also purchased the 5-piece kitchen utensil set, the 5-piece cookware set, and the plate and bowl set. This set T up nicely, meaning he had all that he needed to become a master chef. Over time, we’ve then found lots of new accessories slowly being added to the DUKTIG range. This refreshes T’s kitchen and gives him something new to cook.

More recently, we purchased the 7-piece baking set which comes with a baking tray, baking utensils and pastry cutters, and pie tins, but we also have few things from the rest of their play range added to our list; including mini IKEA furniture and fabric fruit and vegetables. Did you know that IKEA now have a child’s loom set??? How awesome is that?!

T adores his kitchen.

Located in the lounge, the room is right next to our actual kitchen, meaning he can copy us to his hearts content, and when we settle down for the evening we’re then readily available for taste testing! When he comes home from school I often have a game set up ready for him, and if I haven’t then he will often make himself something whilst myself or Sharon are cooking. 

We’ve had our kitchen for a few years now and it’s seen many a play date, but despite it’s thorough use the kitchen still looks as good as new. All the fittings are good quality and we haven’t had to change any batteries yet (despite the sink once having actual soap and water in it!).  

I love the fact that he uses it to de-stress after school, and I love the fact that he’ll one day probably make a better cuppa than me, what with all the practise he’s had! 

5 thoughts on “After School Playtime with IKEA [AD]

  1. Sarah - Arthurwears says:

    Love this – honestly, most of our playroom extension is now IKEA … I wish they did a role play shop in similar colours though to match the ‘calm’ and neutral – our current one is a bit wobbly now. Perhaps a future hack is in order instead! Looks like your little guy will get hours of enjoyment here

  2. Amanda says:

    We had one of these kitchens when O was younger – they are so adorable, aren’t they? He didn’t play with it all that often, but the other day he suddenly announced he wants to be a chef when he grows up (and that he hopes he has an awesome moustache ) so something must have sparked that!

    His dad cooks way more than I do (it runs in the family, my husband’s grandad was head chef at Trinity College in Cambridge years ago). I love how play ranges allow kids to copy what they see and explore new things. Did you say Ikea have a kid’s loom? As in for weaving? I have to go to Ikea pronto, this craft loving mama needs to see that!

  3. Donna says:

    Wow, I love this set up for him! It all looks just like the grown up versions – he’ll be on Junior Masterchef next! x

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