Carving Pumpkins with Bing Bunny

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My name is Kate, I’m 30, and I have never carved a pumpkin for Halloween. My wife would probably be disgusted if she had indeed carved a pumpkin in her thirty-something years, but alas, she hasn’t either.

I think the lack of jack-o-lanterns in our life is down to the fact that neither of our families celebrated Halloween, so as we grew up we never really understood the fascination of it. We never went trick-or-treating as it wasn’t really the done thing in the UK in the 80’s and 90’s, or certainly not where we lived, it was more of an American tradition. Halloween parties didn’t really happen, and schools certainly didn’t celebrate by installing an influx of cobwebs like they do now (excluding the ones already around that dodgy gymnasium). Anyway, I digress.

This year, we’ve decided to change things and carve our very own pumpkin. It always looks like fun and I’m quite partial to a pumpkin flavoured something! Plus, thanks to nursery, Halloween is very much celebrated like any other celebration – so why not get into the spirit and join in!


Having a two year old around, we didn’t fancy creating anything too gruesome. As tempting as it was, we didn’t want him to be put off Halloween before we’ve even started, so we decided to go with one of his favourite characters at the moment; Bing!

Plus, thanks to Bing’s slight pumpkin shaped head we thought it would be a good base – although it’s certainly easier said than done! If you fancy giving it a go, you can find your very own Bing template here, there’s also a ton of other fun, Bing-related activities on the Bing Bunny website. Here’s how we got on…

Once we drew the template we decided to start at the top and work our way down – starting with the ears, which were probably the most fiddly bit! Typical. After the ears, which probably took most of our time, we were onto the home stretch and finished the rest of his head, the eyes, and then his lovely smile! T even got involved and helped keep the pumpkin still as well as empty the pumpkin of his guts.


The most difficult bit to carving a pumpkin was getting the right amount of scraping going so that you created a nice thin piece of pumpkin without carving straight though! This *may* have resulted in a slight loss of eyesight for Bing for a few minutes, but we recovered well! That being said, it didn’t stop us creating a rather demented looking Bing…

After Bing, we contemplated creating our very own flop to go alongside Bing but we lost our nerve and decided to stick to just the one pumpkin – for now. Plus, I needed a pumpkin to make some edible goodies! Again, T helped with this by de-seeding all the seeds from the guts.

Although fiddly in places, it’s certainly not put us off carving future pumpkins. I’ve already eyed up a few new tools for next time, and maybe a bigger pumpkin! Bigger, in this instance, is definitely better!

This is a sponsored post where we were compensated for our time.

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