Timeout at the Park

It’s already mid-February and I’ve already forgotten the last time I went out, just me and T. Sure, we go to baby groups and swimming, but they almost feel like an every day activity as apposed to a day out. A treat. Odd, I know. Plus, with my return to work drawing nearer and nearer, I want to make sure I make the most of our time together.

So after a productive day at home doing housework and general errands, I decided to take some time to just go out for some playtime. The weather was glorious, albeit cold, so we layered up and went to the park.

Our particular park has recently had a facelift and expansion, so there are several sensory walls, secret walkways, and tons of natural, wooden play areas containing swings, slides, and zip-wires. I would have loved something like this as a child.

We spent most of our time at the swings as T really enjoyed himself here. Although I’ve put him in swings before, this was the first time he really reacted to the swinging and the feeling of suspense.

As well as the swings, I also gave slides a go (even though I was reluctant to let him go at first) and the tree house.


I had such a lovely afternoon playing with T, it really made me stop and just enjoy some time away from the routine, and hustle and bustle of the everyday.

Once the temperature started to drop I then took us over to the cafe and treated us (me) to a hot chocolate to warm up before heading home.

I really need to make sure I do this more often.

When did you last take some time out of the everyday?


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