The Baby Show – London’s Kensington Olympia – 2014 – Our Visit

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  1. lauracharlie1988 says:

    Sounds like you ladies had a great day! Can’t wait to hopefully repeat your circle as we’re goi g to the fertility show next week. Fingers crossed the next show will be the Baby Show whilst pregnant 🙂

    1. That’s great – we had a great time at the Fertility Show (if that’s possible at a fertility show :s) and found lots of information. Really really hope it’s good for you also. Looking forward to hearing about your visit. Fingers and toes crossed! x

  2. But you left out vital info … Did you get the Nuk freebie and what was it?!

    1. Haha! Quite right. We did indeed! It was a goody bag with accessories for babies and around the home such as a bottle of anti-bacterial spray, of all thing. Lol. It even came in a nice hessian bag. Totally worth it.

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