Days Out: Our Favourite South-East Train Trips

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T’s obsession with trains will sometimes mean that when we go out for the day we will often think whether we can get there by train instead of car. Although there’s more comfort in travelling by car, traffic jams and having to suddenly find somewhere for a three year old to relieve themselves sort of takes that comfort away.

With a train, you don’t have jams as such, and you often have several toilets on board. Plus, you don’t have to concentrate as much, meaning you can have fun with your family. In our case, it’s answering a million questions from a train-obsessed three year old.

Our Favourite Journeys

Over the past year, we’ve been on several train journeys across the South East, it’s just so convenient, and getting anytime tickets is a good solution when you need flexibility – you certainly don’t want to suddenly be running for a train with a three year old! Here are our favourite places to visit by train:


Living on the outskirts of Brighton, you wouldn’t think we’d take the train often, however it’s much faster than getting the bus and the Brighton line is one of the oldest train lines, meaning it’s bursting with history and architecture (and the occasional bit of graffiti!).

It’s also incredibly scenic depending on where you’re coming from. I remember coming down to Brighton as a child from Kent and remembering that feeling when I heard my first seagull!


Although just as big as Brighton, if not bigger, the city of Eastbourne is a much quieter seaside destination if you want to go for the beach for the day. It also has beautiful landmarks such as Beachy Head and Birling Gap on it’s doorstep. We’ve been to Eastbourne a few times on the train for a change of scenery, plus the train isn’t usually full of tourists as they’re off to Brighton instead!


I get just as excited about getting on a train when I know we’re going to London. I don’t know what it is. London, to me, means we’re going somewhere special! I don’t get to go there often these days – usually only for a Christmas do or an event – but years ago I’d take myself off to see gigs and concerts or an exhibition at a museum.

This year, however, I’m hoping to take T to London a lot more now that he can walk a lot further. I’ve already taken him to London Zoo, so I can’t wait to take him to The Tate Modern or The Natural History Museum.


Somewhere between Brighton and Eastbourne is a beautiful town called Lewes. Nestled in the South Downs, the historic town is bursting with antique shops, independent cafes, and one of our favourite book shops. Not to mention a castle!

The thing is, it’s incredibly fiddly to get to by bus from where we live so we often get the train as it’s usually cheaper than paying for parking. The station is right in the middle of Lewes meaning easy access to shops and cafes, as well as the lovely Priory Park.

We really do love visiting Lewes and it’s cobbled streets.

When was the last time you ditched the car or bus and travelled by train?


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