Days Out: Our Easter

No sooner were we celebrating T’s second birthday we were then onto Easter! How fast is this year going? We are already a third of the way through it already.

This Easter Sharon decided to take a few days off before the weekend to make up for the fact I was working one of the days over Easter (yay to shift working!), so with this we decided to make the most of the time off together (and the weather).


We took ourselves off to Spring Barn Farm for the afternoon as they had an Easter trail where you collected items from around the farm and once the egg box was full you got a choclately treat. As well as the trail, they also had special Easter themed activities going on.

This was a lovely start to the Easter break, especially as T got his first taste of an Easter egg! It sounds cruel, but we’re rather strict when it comes to sweets. T hasn’t had any form of “sweet” yet, but chocolate he has little bits of every now and again as a treat. Easter was no egg-ception (I’m sorry) but he was allowed his very own large Kinder Egg that Sharon brought back from Germany. It was huge (in comparison to the usual Kinder Eggs).


On Friday we were invited around friends for a roast and T got spoiled even further with presents. Before dinner, to burn off some over-excited toddler energy, we took ourselves off for a walk with our friends dog.

Here we played fetch and spotted lots of lovely swans – although we weren’t able to feed them as T decided to throw the whole bag of food (bag and all) into the river in an effort to feed them. After this, T got demoted from official bag carrier.


I was working Saturday unfortunately, so Sharon invited T’s Uncle down for dinner and play. T’s Uncle surprised him with even more toot-toot cars and track (The racing track – as if we have room for that!) which kept the boys busy for the afternoon whilst Sharon cooked them dinner.

T didn’t leave his Uncle’s side all afternoon; asking him for stories, playtime, and even the occasional cuddle. T doesn’t get to see his Uncle often due to distance, but when he does he adores the time he has.


Sunday was probably my favourite day of them all as we took part in an Easter Hunt with the National Trust at Sheffield Park with friends. It was a glorious day, and because our friends have a toddler the same age as T they were happy walking together or encouraging each other to chase the ducks!

After completing the trail a lot quicker than expected we treated ourselves to a well earned rest alongside coffee and cake and then took ourselves off for another tour of the gardens. This time, a lot slower. During our walk we spotted so many gorgeous plants and flowers, so gorgeous that even T stopped and had a sniff at one point.

After our walk, we then went for a Sunday roast at a local pub. This is another reason why this day was our favourite – the food was absolutely gorgeous! I went with the roast Lamb, Sharon had roast duck, and we went with roast beef for T – with all meals coming with all the trimmings (including cauliflower cheese!). We half expected T to pick or graze at the plate; especially as he was getting a bit tired from all the duck chasing, but surprisingly he polished off most of his meat and potatoes with a few of the veggies, and all his cauliflower cheese. He then helped himself to my ice cream at the end! I honestly don’t know where he stores it.


So that was our Easter in all it’s glory – and it was perfect. After getting home on the Sunday we all snuggled up and tucked into Easter Eggs. T went to bed a lot later thanks to getting a second wind (and a chocolate high) but I didn’t care. It was Easter.

I’m loving the fact that the weather slowly is getting better – it’s making days out and exercising a toddler a lot easier. Over the next few weeks we’re hoping to get out and about more often, exploring more National Trust locations and visiting more woodland areas now that the Bluebells are in season. Working full time across weekends still sucks, but I guess it means I’ll cherish the time we do have a lot more.

What did you get up to this Easter?


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  1. Plutonium Sox says:

    Oh I’m glad you had such a lovely Easter. I have been chuckling at the facial expressions in your photos! That first one of the lamb and the last one of T – they both look cheeky but content!

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