Days Out – Great Expectations, an Independent Baby Shop, Brighton. 

A few weeks ago (I know, it’s late, I’m sorry) we were invited by the lovely Chelle of The Mumington Post to Great Expectations, an independent baby shop, for an open day. I’d passed the shop a few times whilst at work but never remembered to pop in on my day off. From the outside it always looked vast and jam packed with buggies, high chairs, and car seats which lined the window – it looked like an Aladdin’s cave.

After arriving and meeting everyone including Chelle, and Lauren of Belle Du Brighton, I had a look around the shop. T was fast asleep so I was free to explore whilst S chatted with other bloggers. Very quickly I was impressed with the layout and the amount of choice available. There were tons of brands including Stokke, Bugaboo, and iCandy, as well as newer, smaller brands I hadn’t heard of such as BabyZen. I really liked this as you’re then presented with lots of choice and not just from known brands like you do when in places like Mothercare!

Whilst there I also met the lovely team who run the shop. Whilst chatting to them, and scoffing cake, it was clear to see that they love what they do, not to mention know what they’re talking about – it was very impressive and would certainly reassure me if I was shopping for buggies without a clue (which probably would be the case if S hadn’t done the most of our shopping!).

Before we left we were kindly given a fabulous goody bag containing lots of gorgeous items from the shop including a Stokke water bottle, buggy lights, a bib, a hat, booties, and some sunglasses. We also got a copy of “Kids Don’t Come with a Manual” which I will look forward to cracking open soon.

I would highly recommend visiting Great Expectations if ever you’re in Brighton and happen to be expecting – it certainly gives you further options when it comes to shopping for a baby!


If you’d like to know more, Great Expectations can be found online here, on Twitter, and on Facebook

Ps. Sorry for lack of pictures! 

2 thoughts on “Days Out – Great Expectations, an Independent Baby Shop, Brighton. 

  1. Becca says:

    Is that where you live? My best friend lived there while she was getting her doctorate at the University of Sussex. I stayed with her a few years back. I loved it there! I had so much fun exploring the city by myself while she was working.

    • lesbemums says:

      Nice! We live in between Brighton and Eastbourne but generally live out of Brighton. lol. We love it.
      Brighton is such a vibrant place, anything goes.
      My work involves me working with the OoS a lot – it’s a gorgeous uni.

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