Days Out: Blackberry Farm, Lewes, East Sussex

A few weekends ago we took ourselves off to Blackberry Farm. Surprisingly, we’ve never been despite being massive fans of farms. Based near Glynde in East Sussex, it’s actually quite a large farm; housing everything from Goats and Llamas, to Chinchillas and Ferrets. There are also several play areas and an indoor soft play.


We thought it was a little pricey at first (£8 per adult), however when we saw what was around we thought it was well worth it. There are extras such as tractor and pony rides, however we decided to wait until T was a little older before paying to do these. The facilities are clean and tidy, and you can see the enclosures are kept to high standard.


It was a gorgeous day, so all the animals were out and about. T headed straight for the duck pond, however quickly found a few new friend in the form of a goat who was eager to nibble T’s hand which was full of goat feed. I thought this might have frightened T, but he actually quite enjoyed it



After visiting a few animals we stopped and had a picnic, and then ventured around the rest of the farm via a set trail. Thankfully, T wanted to be carried at this moment which was handy as the ground was a little uneven.


In no time he fell asleep; missing the llamas and horses, so we finished our trip with a visit to the cafe and treated ourselves to a coffee cake. There is also a little gift shop on site where we also treated T to a tractor.

Considering it was a last minute find, we had a really pleasant day and will definitely visit again soon. T was too small for the soft play and larger play areas, and wasn’t really interested in the petting barn, so we already have plenty to do when we visit again.


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