Camping: Camp Bestival 2018 – Highlights

I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since we were at Camp Bestival, mainly because we have only this week finished taking the last few camping bits back up to the loft (give us a break, we had to clean and sweep out the tent!) and the washing pile is now a lot lower!

Thankfully, you don’t have to go far before you get to read about other people’s adventures whilst at Camp Bestival. I’ve loved reading about other experiences, from Karas (Chelsea Mama) to Kirsty and Clara (My Two Mums) to Naomi (Tents & Festivals).

Although we’ve written about our weekend as a whole, I thought I’d share our highlights from the weekend; broken down into three main categories – Entertainment, Music, and Food.


Sadly, we didn’t get to complete our Camp Bestival experience, which meant we didn’t get to visit the Spinney Hollow or the Dingly Dell – which are usually the highlights of our weekend – but that didn’t mean we didn’t have a blast over the weekend.

T was most excited when it came to the fairground rides, from the Ferris Wheel with Mama (which was probably the highest he’s ever been in his life!) to the Helter Skelter with me. Rides range from £2-£3 each, so probably something you want to avoid or save for, but they do last for a decent amount of time when it comes to rotational rides. Sharon had at least 3 rotations on the Ferris Wheel (to her delight (!))

For me, I thoroughly enjoyed Dinosaur Live! which follows an intrepid explorer and their collection of Dinosaurs from their travels; from a Tyrannosaurus Rex to a Triceratops – these creatures are fantastic to see. It’s was  so cleverly made that you didn’t notice what workings on behind the scenes. This show took my breath away and was something COMPLETELY different to what I’ve seen previously – I’m even researching how I can see the show again, elsewhere in the UK.

Credit: Camp Bestival

Sharon found ZSL Gruesome Nature Live fascinating and really enjoyed learning about the more obscure creatures. Throughout the show you’ll find out lots of interesting facts including who’s got the largest, slimiest eyeball, and which species of animal can endure fire, ice and radiation and even survive in outer space, plus many more monstrous truths! There’s music, dancing, and a lot of laughter. This show was an exclusive to Camp Bestival so we were delighted we got to see it.


Music isn’t actually the reason we go to Camp Bestival, we go for the family activities and the endless entertainment, but even with this in mind there’s denying that Camp Bestival have booked some of the most amazing acts over the past few years and we always enjoy ourselves when we set up a mini camp at Castle Stage. I don’t know how they do it, but every act fits with the Camp Bestival theme, too.

I think Sharon and I can both agree that Sara Cox’s ‘Sound of the 80’s’ was the absolute highlight when it came to Music. Moving from the main field to Castle Stage thanks to hundreds of requests to do so, Sara adorned the stage with gigantic rubix cubes and had her very own dancers.


Where do we begin. In comparison to last year where we had no idea what to expect, this year we knew EXACTLY what to expect and knew where to go to get the best grub – as well as the best times to get it! Basically, just before and about an hour after the lunchtime rush.

For me, my favourite meal over the weekend was from a local eatery; Happy Maki. These guys make mega vegan sushi rolls and for every sushi wrap you buy they donate seven pence to Mary’s Meals to feed a child in hunger, as well as eight pence to Eden who reduce extreme poverty and restores healthy forests in Haiti, Madagascar and Nepal! They’re tasty and make you feel good.

Going on T’s reaction, I’d say his favourite were churros, however he seemed to devour his Corn on the Cob like he hadn’t eaten for a week!

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For Sharon, it didn’t take her long to choose her favourite; Crumble Shack. A first for us, it was the perfect treat for when we were walking back to the tent as the wind and rain started to pick up. Simply pick your fruit, then your crumble, and then your topping. I had traditional apple Crumble, with a toffee nut crumble topping, and custard. Sharon had apple with a chocolate crumble and custard, and T had Pear and Sultana with ginger bread crumble and custard. The portions were generous in size and they seemed to last an age. Although they were probably one of the more expensive puddings (£5+ per tub), we had no issues paying this as it kept us warm and it was delicious.

So there are our highlights, who fancies joining us next year? If not, what’s putting you off?

As Official Camp Bestival Crew we received our tickets in exchange for promotion and coverage during the festival.


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