Why I Breastfeed…

As part of national breastfeeding week; a campaign dedicated to raising awareness, increasing acceptance, and promoting support, the lovely Vivienne from Another Bun invited me to join in on her #whyibreastfeed campaign as part of the week long campaign by UNICEF.

Although I already actively write about my breastfeeding journey, I couldn’t not get involved. Breastfeeding is such a huge part of my life, and something I take very seriously. Here’s why I do it:-

Free food. I’d be surprised if this doesn’t go through your mind when you’re having a bad day, have you seen price of formula? It certainly drives me to continue.

It’s convenient. Although definately not easy at first, once you get the hang of it; whether at home or out – it’s easy just to whip your boob out to comfort or feed your baby.

No washing up. A more comical reason, and not necessarily something that drives me – but it’s true!

It’s full of the good stuff. Probably the most important reason.¬†Antibodies, nutrients, fat. There’s a reason T is now 14Ib9oz at only 10 weeks old.

Bonding. It’s something you can’t replicate elsewhere. Whether it’s the way T grabs my thumb as he feeds, or the way he doesn’t stop looking at me – it’s our special time. Just us.

Because I want to.

Why do you breastfeed? Join in with the hashtag #whyibreastfeed.


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