The Breastfeeding Chronicles – Bronze Boobs

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  1. Is Bronze for 3mths?

    1. It is indeed! Totally didn’t see this comment, sorry lovely. X

  2. Adventures of a Novice Mum says:

    Wow; well done! I recently read about blebs … massive ouches. Actually, all breastfeeding ‘unwanteds’ are massive ouches. You’ve sure been through the mill and back, haven’t you. It takes me back memory lane; there are things that I didn’t get like mastitis but I had other problems. And the lopsidedness … I seriously haven’t seen any as bad as mine; not that I go round starring at people’s chest. It’s taken me ages and ages to stop worrying about it and stop trying to make the smaller produce more milk because I can’t.

    LLL USA have fun breastfeeding milestone badges on their facebook page; @juliecookies shared this link with me:

    Feel free to add this to the link up on my blog whenever you want, for more reads; or not. I’ll pin it and share it on Twitter too.

    To breastfeeding for however long you’re happy to go. So pleased for you that you’ve come this far; massive achievement, especially considering all the pain along the way. Your litlte man has a mama who’s got his back, for sure. 🙂

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