The Breastfeeding Chronicles – Freida’s Pantry Nursing Bars – Review

Ever since I started breastfeeding I always worried about my supply – I want to breastfeed as long as possible (or at least continue to pump once the teeth start to effect feeds!) so it’s vital I look after myself and keep everything in tip top condition.

I’d heard pumping at the same time as nursing was beneficial to supply/demand, so I tried that and it certainly worked when it came to the amount I could express. But I also wanted to make sure my physical supply came in regularly (and evenly) and on time for feeds, so I looked into what I could eat.

After trying several oat based products and found that some didn’t seem to change a thing (apart from my waistline) it wasn’t long before I found Freida’s Pantry.

Freida’s Pantry specifically make healthy bars for breastfeeding. Packed full of typical nursing ingredients such as oats, fennel, and linseed, they’re perfect for supply, not to mention as a healthy and tasty snack.

I’d tried one a while ago at a baby show whilst I was pregnant and it tasted completely different but since trying them now, I love them! I have one every morning during or after the first feed and I find I’m suitably “full” by the time the next feed is due. It tastes primarily of aniseed (sambuca, anyone?) and has lots of lovely fruit and nuts inside.

What’s good is that I can take them with me on the go and I can almost guarantee that it will help boost my supply throughout the day. I also find it satisfies my sweet tooth and any hunger; as they’re actually quite filling, and they also seem to give me a boost of energy!

You can find the bars in most health stores but I’ve recently found that some supermarkets now stock them as well!


We were kindly given a few complimentary bars from Freida’s Pantry, but not for the purpose of a review – we just think they’re really tasty!

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