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That really sucks. I really hope the police charge her with wasting their time as I am told they were contacted.
Such a shame. I hope the page will come back to life one day. Breastfeeding is difficult and communities of support are so important

Lauren | Belle du Brighton says:

i’m annoyed I shared it on fb now, and was following with interest as to how it all continued, a few other people recognised her as making a fuss about being told off for feeding at a leisure centre and then of course poor old primark didn’t have anything to corroborate her story! I hope she gets the help she needs if she does have a mental health problem causing her to lie incessantly 🙁

lesbemums says:

Oh don’t be! I was following too and almost got on the mass feed at my local primark band wagon! Lol.

I hope she gets help too! I’m still just so angry at this woman – she’s caused so many issues.

I wouldn’t be surprised if primark sue or do something. Their reputation could have been in pieces because of this.

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