Things That Help Me Blog

Originating as a TTC blog, it was primarily a place to vent as well as document our journey to parenthood. It was a very low-key blog, and not something we thought we’d get into as much as we did. We didn’t expect people to follow, nor did we expect to have so much to write about. The TTC world for us was certainly a repetitive one which meant we didn’t always have things to talk about, but since having T we now have TONS of things to talk about; whether it’s milestone updates, parenting quirks, or days out.

Having the blog has encouraged me to take more photos, get involved in local events, and meet new people – I love it. I love the physical aspect of writing and I look forward to looking back even in a year’s time to see what we we’ve been up to.

But even with all that’s going on I still find myself having blank spots, but over the past few months I’ve found the following things help me continue what I love…

Read blogs. I wouldn’t have a blog if it wasn’t for the first few blogs I started to read at the beginning of our journey. Plus, why should people read your blog if you don’t read others? I’m not saying automatically follow back those that follow you, but get involved with the huge community! You’ll also often find inspiration for new posts, as well as writing styles. Love, comment, share!

Get involved with linkies. I love a linky, especially during a dry spell. They give you a little break from the usual, not to mention link you up with other bloggers who have also got involved with the linky.

Join Twitter chats/parties. Twitter parties are a really good tool to chat to other bloggers or get your creative juices flowing. They range from topics about blogging to the topics you blog about. For me, they make me realise that everyone is thinking the same. Not all topics will attract you but you’ll often find at least one to get involved in. The guys at pblogging network are great for hosting Twitter parties.

Talk to/Ask other bloggers! Although what you write must always be your own, chatting to other bloggers will often help you when it comes to things like; self-hosting, sponsored posts, and competitions, not to mention guest posts. Any decent blogger will be happy to help you.

What are your tips on blogging? What helps you blog?


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