It’s Been a While…

So I haven’t written for a while, and it’s not because of anything special happening (sadly), it’s because we have literally had a busy couple of weeks. I guess I felt that if something is not about the baby making, which is what this blog is about, then I guess I don’t need to write about it… But then I don’t want to people to think we’ve stopped writing or that something great has happened and that we’re keeping quiet which is what happened last time we didn’t write for a few weeks.

First, my Nan passed away. So I have been helping out my mum with sorting out the property as well as other things.

Second, our landlord has decided that they want to sell the house we’re currently living in. So with this, we have been house hunting. Thankfully, we found somewhere new really quickly and are in the process of packing so that we can get the keys next week and then officially move a week after! Moving is a time where my OCD really comes out to play! I’m probably one of the only people that enjoys packing and unpacking. I hate the moving bit, but thankfully we’ve paid a company to do it for us – we’re grown ups now and have too much crap to move it ourselves.

Lastly, because we are having to suddenly move, we have had to put our baby making on hold. Not only will I be too stressed (which could work in our favor as I won’t be thinking of “it” but we’ve decided it will be a waste of time and effort for the donor) but the move has now taken a chunk out of our baby savings which means that if I were to fall pregnant, there’s no way we could afford to get even the basic items AND pay for the bills that my pay wouldn’t cover.

So, it’s not been the greatest of months. I have been really sad about having to put things on hold as I’m genuinely worried that having a 2-3 cycle gap will restart my body and I’ll have to get my body used to the wriggly things again. It probably won’t, but I’m just over thinking and I don’t want ANYTHING to mess it up. I guess there’s nothing I can do about it, but it’s still irked me. Hopefully, it won’t take us too long to replenish the savings.

On a more positive note, the Donor has been great and he’s taking this 2-3 month gap as a little holiday for himself so he can drink and eat crap which he hasn’t done since he started trying with us (something that he decided to do). Plus, I’ve taken the opportunity to drown my sorrows in a few fruit ciders! I’m still working hard at the gym and I’m eating healthy, but I thought I’d also take an opportunity to eat a few naughty things that I haven’t been able to eat over the past few months… like fresh mayo and hummus!


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