Symptom Spotting

For what it’s worth, and if it’s any help to others, I’ve thought back to during the time around my TWW.

During the week whilst on holiday, and to be honest (now I think about it) a few days before holiday (DPO11+) I had noticed the following going on (in no particular order):-

  • Sharp pains in boobs. Like a needle poking me from the inside.
  • Cramping that sometimes fluctuated in intensity. The pain moved from the area around my ovaries to underneath the muffin top.
  • Nausea (certainly in the mornings around DPO17-DPO18 before breakfast) but this only lasted about a week.
  • Headaches.
  • Vivid, weird, dreams (I’ll be writing more about those for your entertainment value soon).
  • Increased appetite.
  • Absolute, knock me out silly, tiredness.
  • Half way through the second week, I also had a bit of pink on the tissue which simply looked like a very very faint lipstick mark (lol!). No actual blood or anything, just a little staining.

I thought nothing of these “symptoms”, as I am prone to headaches; although not of recent following a serious, devastating cut back from coffee and general crap food, and I do now get period pain and booby pain before AF is due.
Plus, since losing a lot of weight, I’m able to hold onto food without feeling hungry – so feeling hungry despite eating only 2-3 hours before was surprising. Plus, I can literally go on for hours, so after getting back to the caravan from what was sometimes a relatively relaxing, non-active day out and almost passing out on the sofa, it really hit me (and S) for six. It was completely unlike me.

On top of this, the biggest observation that I noticed was that I simply started to feel “different”.

It was weird, and I’m still having difficulty describing it now, but I got a gut feeling about being pregnant. A feeling I’ve never had before looking back. It wasn’t like a dream or a hopeful wish, I didn’t receive a sign – it was a genuine “feeling” of joy, genuine content and certainty. I knew I was pregnant.

During other cycles I felt hopeful and excited, but never certain about anything. This one, however, I do remember feeling different – I felt great. Something was telling me it had worked but I don’t know what it was. Has anyone ever had that feeling? I’ve read about it on a couple of forums and it’s only because of reading this that I was able to say; “yeah – I had that too”. I feel stupid saying it as I can’t properly describe the feeling, but I know what I felt… Perhaps it was hunger.


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  1. mamaetmaman says:

    I felt the same way as you- “different”, like I’d never felt before. I was super dizzy, food aversions, voraciously hungry, and exhausted without reason. Cramps only lasted 2 days, and I had faint pink spotting only once. Unfortunately, my pregnancy didn’t last past 8 weeks.

  2. DeCaf says:

    It really seems interesting how different people experience early pregnancy, it seems to vary from: I was sure this cycle was out until I saw the test to I know 6DPO.

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