Days Out: Our Puddle Ducks Underwater Photoshoot

I’m a sucker for photo’s of T – especially novelty ones where he has to dress up or be dunked underwater. Thankfully (for T) the latter was on offer recently so we booked ourselves in! The last time T had an underwater photoshoot he was a mere SIX MONTHS OLD and (as you’ll read) a lot more persuasive.

We arrived for our afternoon shoot after T had spent the morning at nana’s (probably our first mistake). T was a little cranky but we’d been used to weeks of T not having an afternoon nap so we thought that perhaps he was a little hungry or that he didn’t really want to leave nana’s – but we went with it.

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#Photo365 Photography Challenge: Our Favourite Photos.

When we first started this daily photo challenge I didn’t think I’d last – I thought I’d give up or simply forget to take a photo for that day.

But I didn’t. I remembered!

T probably has an image of my phone engraved into his core memory when he sleeps but I’ve managed to capture some amazing photos throughout the year. I’ve captured birthdays and milestones, days out and holidays, highs and lows, the good and the ugly. And it’s been fun.

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#Photo365 Photography Challenge: December in Pictures. 

December! The last month of 2016! I can’t believe where the time has gone.

Like our other favourite month, August, December is always such a colourful month, with Christmas dominating the photos. Luxury food, colourful toys and clothes, and gorgeous winter landscapes – it really is a picturesque month.

For us, December was mainly viewed from within four walls due to a rather silly injury that occurred to the only driver of the house, so we weren’t able to venture to our usual places, but nevertheless we still had a lovely time at home and enjoyed being together.
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#Photo365 Photography Challenge: November in Pictures. 

November seems to have flown by what with the build up to Christmas well and truly happening. We’re literally counting down the days until we’re all off for Christmas where we can spend some well deserved time off together.

T is very much a toddler now and I know about it every day what with the constant flutters in mood. It’s also fun at the same time (sometimes) as days out are filled with observation and wonder.

Even when it’s cold we still try and get ourselves out of the house – and this month certainly saw a lot of autumnal walks.

Here’s what November looked like for us: 
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