Travelling with GorillaPod (by Joby) (Review) [AD]

As T get’s older, a lot of our memories of him are now captured whilst in motion. Whether T is on his scooter, climbing up ladders and across wooden structures, or simply dancing or making faces, it’s rare that we can get him to stand still these days. Don’t get me wrong, I love how active he is, but once in a while it’d be nice to capture a decent family photo, like this one from Brighton Pride last weekend:

Thankfully, our son is very photogenic, meaning that even in motion his beautiful eyes and his stunning, albeit cheeky, smile can still be captured. But you have no idea how many times my phone has almost fallen out of my hand or our GoPro has been left precariously on the handlebars of one of our scooters.

To tackle this, Joby; makers of the GorillaPod, invited us to test out a few of their products. This was perfect timing as we were about to head off to Camp Bestival and that was certainly somewhere we would be taking a lot of photos and capturing snippets on our GoPro.

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